September 22, 2023
Students confuse tribute to 9/11 fallen for 'anti-Black Lives Matter' demonstration

26 thoughts on “Students confuse tribute to 9/11 fallen for 'anti-Black Lives Matter' demonstration

  1. What WPLG will not tell you is the black marxist supporters are the ones who said the thin blue line american flags are racist. When you don't think for yourself this is what happens.

  2. The people who died/gave the life's on 911 would not even know what that fascist flag looks like. It wasent even used untill 2014 amd specifivaly for thay blue lives matter, pro abuse, anti rights movment . But everybody got brainwashed so nobody remmebers history and instead want to create a new fake history

    Honest mistake

  3. If they aren't disciplined than there is a major double standard. It's absolutely disgusting behavior out of a bunch of clueless over privileged adult children.

  4. Of course that's how they reacted. because it's what they do. react on pure emotion with no impulse control or room for critical thinking or future thought. same old. every day. that's why no improvements will ever be made. wanting to complain about racism instead of putting in time to succeed in life. failures.

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