June 8, 2023
Substitute Teacher Erases Black Lives Matter During Class

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24 thoughts on “Substitute Teacher Erases Black Lives Matter During Class

  1. Muslims enslaved Black people and removed their sex organs so that they could not reproduce ever again besides that also enslaved white people and yes Irish were enslaved and they were the first ones to come over to United States

  2. You just erased it an move on… ya don’t need counter attack you damn adult man!!! Just move on with the class periodt… the kid definitely was a weirdo though for sure 😂😂😂😂 mommy let’s her do whatever she want energy

  3. That’s funny as hell, robbing the vending machine. The older coke machines you just reach in and moved a little tab and a drink fell out.

  4. My wife is a teacher in Midwestern suburbs. She sees this kind of crap daily, and much worse. Fights, fires, yelling and swearing, name-calling, kids laying on the floor or on countertops in science classrooms. Just like these disrespectful little dickheads in the video. They spit out all the shit they hear on social media without having any idea what they’re talking about. These are the idiots we’re handing the country off to, and they’re determined to make sure it’s a Marxist hell. Good luck with that! I’ll be gone, dummies.

  5. Both the statement “all lives matter” and “black lives matter” are not racist by themselves however both have hidden meanings I believe someone started an “all lives matter movement” and they had been found to have said the n-word on twitter in the past and the “black lives matter” movement is associated with riots and violence and racial dissent. The issue is not the statements but rather the movements and to many people associate the movements with the statements

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