May 23, 2022

23 thoughts on “Sudan Protesters Reject UN, EU Ends Racist Omicron Travel Ban, Libya Violent Protest Crackdown

  1. Great QUOTE by
    Chinua Achebe, the prominent NIGERIAN novelist and essayist  (1994 interview with the Paris Review):
    …"There is that great Proverb — that UNTIL the lions have THEIR OWN historians, the history of the hunt will always glorify the hunter."
    (Mar 22, 2013)

  2. Obama, Biden Administration destroy Africa richest nation Libya Creating a refugees and humanitarian crisis; People fleeing war torn Libya for Italy at Sea drowning in a Sea of grave this is what "Pope Francis said Obama has done 👍👍👍 nothing for Africa 🌍.

  3. Please cover what’s happening right now in Mali.
    The people are on total support of the Junta. But the western block has put pressure on Mali 🇲🇱 to have the transitional elections.
    The transitional elections were a deal brokered by the previous president Ibrahim Keita, and he we protested against him in the streets for months until a coup led to his demise! Now we are happy with the decisions of the Junta.
    Suddenly the US and France started making claims of us wanting Russian assistance a problem, discrediting our efforts and image in the international arena. The Russians have arrived and we are underway to our hopes of curbing the insurgency we face.
    Now the US, France and the west ( NATO) have seen that the junta will not back down on the decisions made, they have lobbied the AU, CEDEAO ( which is just France 🇫🇷) and ECOWAS to unjustly hold sanctions against us!
    Where were these bodies when the Malian people were suffering insurgency and terrorism! It’s been 11 years straight, and there has only been half filled actions!
    All of a sudden now, because there was no opposition candidate, there’s one now out of no where, a Malian who used to be an ambassador to the states!!! They have found their candidate!!
    Mali 🇲🇱 wants no infringement and infiltration!!
    Just today a French army plane landed in Goa, without approval of the Malian Junta. This is after the French declared there will be no entry or flights into Mali 🇲🇱.

    Please cover our stories!!! Mali 🇲🇱 is facing heavy one sided propaganda from major media houses!!! We want our truth told and we will not fold for the west!
    Vivre le Mali 🇲🇱

  4. 3 No’s of Sudan
    No negotiations with the millitary
    No partnership with the millitary
    No legitimizing military dominance

    Sudan is not owned by a single general/leader
    Sudan is for the people of sudan no more money into the pockets of the millitary
    Money will be devided and put into infrastructure, healthcare, schools and the army will get their share too but by an appointed leader who will have 4-6 years in rule and then giving the country to the next young leader by voting

    We will not join any political axises like usa, saudi, uae, egypt
    We will not join qatar , turkey , iran
    We will not join russia
    We will be neutral and have all our wealth to go into the people for the people by the people

    Sudan is the future of Africa, and I’m proud to be sudanese!

  5. ⚠ W A R N U N G 💉⚠Bitte auch nicht auf wieder angeblich neue Stoffe hereinfallen !
    Skandal – Eine harte Fakten-Zensur und Vertuschung von Meldungen der unzähligen Schäden.
    VORSICHT: Die meisten Schäden werden leider erst in einigen Jahren erwartet.
    In einigen Fällen gibt es Möglichkeiten die S c h a d stoffe wieder aus dem Körper zu entfernen, es wird eine umgehende Untersuchung/Behandlung bei (ehrlichen) Medizinern dringend empfohlen.
    (->Ärzte f. Aufklärung)
    Bitte informieren und weitersagen,

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