September 19, 2021

8 thoughts on “SupaNova x SaNeter: #military #police #blackconsciousness 💯👑✊🏿

  1. Peace. Awaiting response from other potential participant and wanted to know if you’d weigh-in on matter as provided in comment attached to two parties in discussion:

    “I fuck with LocsNLoaded — can’t front. As far as tactical, you gotta one-up him before you can approach GMJ in discussion.

    But I give it to you on this one by putting movements/postures to hardcore music.

    LocsNLoaded’s body of work is more expansive and consistent, but this right here put more flavor to the pot, how beef really cooks.

    I’d donate to winner between you two in a friendly competition of who can drill and posture best in rhythm to hardest song.


    Thought about a $1,000 at first when mentioning details specific towards youngings.

    But I’d sow $500 cashapp to winner rated by hardest drill, routine, practicality, and song.

    Tell Sa Neter to set it up/mediate it. He could hold half the money as though in escrow sent to him, and after ruling I’d send other half direct to winner. #EasyMoney

    That would make for a purposeful piece of content, and the few pennies can go towards winner’s gear or personal training regiment or channel equipment. #SetItUp

    Get SupaNovaSlom in as judge from 11 bang bang point of view and credible commentary.

    #WordIsBond #ShowOfSkill #WarriorPosture #CompetitionWithAPurpose #CashappOnDeck #FreeTheMen

    If it’s something worthy of your attention and weigh-in, just like the comment so I can proceed accordingly.


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