November 30, 2021

18 thoughts on “Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island – Season Review

  1. Imo Chappies was robbed by the f2 twist.
    Renier, Chappies and Anesu need to be on a returnee season (I loved the three of them on this season, especially Renier)
    The f7 play is rlly bad
    The tied destinies was interesting but kinda useless
    The season was rlly good

  2. I haven’t watched the video yet but here are my thoughts on the final 2. Nicole and Anela didn’t deserve to win. Sure they got the final and Nicole won 2 challenges but like they didn’t do anything. Nicole just had friends on the jury, that is literally it. And Anela had a chance but then he was fool with how he played the Kerian blindside. After chappies lost the final challenge my heart dropped because normally going to final you are rooting for someone but I wasn’t this time.

    At the tribal Anela pitch was very good and he handle himself well but his down fall was that he had flip flopped to much and it left a bad taste.

    A still don’t understand why Nicole deserved to win considered I can’t name on move that she set up. I just can’t. Nicole won cuz she had friends and they didn’t like Anela.

  3. In both Australian and South African finals I find it hard to understand why the votes were not more even. Just seems strange that both votes were so overwhelming in favour of one over the other. And when a jury member stands up and says my vote is not decided, I don't believe that at all.

  4. I don't know how you perceive Anela's game to be better, I think Nicole was always better insulated in the Zamba majority, and I think Anela's horrible move at final 6 is enough to deter him from winning regardless of who he is sitting next to. I think Nicole showed enough social likability, and enough strategic savviness to warrant her win, and not to mention she singlehandedly stopped Chappies from winning the season. Anela didn't really do much besides forming social connections (which didn't end up mattering as those connections didn't even vote for him to win).

  5. I think the win of Nicole is a back to basics and I like that. Anela was clearly the one in charge between him and Nicole. But Anela alienate the jury by being so undecided and making such weirds moves for the sake of his resume. He remember me of Hannah in MvGX
    This season tell the failure of the Vuna tribe and Anela resulting in the win of Nicole. A bit similar to Samoa, with the failure of the Galu tribe and Russel resulting in the win of Natalie

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