May 22, 2022

28 thoughts on “Swahili Nation and 2nacheki Have a Candid Conversation

  1. Wode Maya has traveled Africa meeting so many enovators, car manufacturers, huge farm businesses, housing developers, fish farmers and fishermen and women, Africans building planes, military equipment such as tanks, shoes and clothing industries, fruits farming, hotels and many other producers. All these enovators are Africans who did all these great work without any help from their government. Imagine if these businesses had received support from African leaders, doing all these amazing activities. Africa has so much creators and only need help from their government s. Africa doesn't need China and other outside countries to build the Africa we all want. African leaders must reach out to him to be able to get to these professional!!!!!

  2. I am still watching, and honestly you need to give up Christianity; do some research on the origin. The Romans used it to defeat the Jews, and the Europeans dusted it off and used it to colonize our minds. If you capture their minds, you don’t need an army to keep them under control. How can I get more involved.

  3. Excellent! We were always "somebodies" Afrikans; We are the first human beings on this planet, the oldest; the only people that have been on this planet by ourselves, who watched everyone else make there entrance here; The People who created the concept of time, the calendars, languages, and who charted the solar systems, etc.!! Afrikans are the only human manifestation of the Creator Being….Lastly, we were Never slaves, we were captured/kidnapped and enslaved!!
    "If the history of Afrika was a book of 1000 pages, this period we are in from the invasians, colonization/enslavement of Afrika to present, would fit into the last 5 pages!" Anthony Browder.
    Asante 2nacheki!!

  4. One question to tunacheki; do you Know how the World works????
    Afrika Is the last continent AND her people were slaves for the arabs And the europeans AND today the afrikan children still remain slaves AND their destiny dark!!
    The Afrikan people are treated as the useless ethos of the World!!
    Your response please tunacheki!

  5. Tunacheki Is great for afrika!!
    The secrecy of the Western World Is so deep That the africkan people don't understand AND keep them ignoran And confused about Their lives AND destiny.
    Tunacheki Is there to help the afrikan grassroots to see how the west AND EAST deal with them.

  6. Dream team youtube panel: Tunacheki, Swahili Nation, Ivie Anita, Make Africa Great, Wongel Zelalem, Tim Swain, Home Team Africa, Mark meets Africa.

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