Dohgon Sayings of WISDOM

There’s no emptiness anywhere, which means there cannot be emptiness in your MIND.Anyone who preaches this nonsense is silly and brainless. Dohgon Sayings of WISDOM are meant to guide you into the AWARENESS that there is WISDOM in everything when you you use your MIND. The reason you do not discover WISDOM is because you […]

No Fap – Spiritual Benefits – Unity Consciousness – Day 55

What happens after 55 days of NoFap & semen retention Well I can tell you from my experience that the benefits real! I have noticed many benefits: Confidence increase, energy increase, calmness, attraction, increase in vibration, waking up earlier, cognitive memory increase, more swagger, better luck, updating my life purpose, wanting to serve human beings […]


In the poem ABUNDANCE, or ABOUN-DANCE, SSTR Flossie expands our thoughts to wider and wider horizons. She wakes us up to how we possess so much more without appreciating it, that all we must do is just take very simple steps to reach inside and get what’s already ours. She warns us NOT to approach […]

How to clear the clutter in your brain

What TIME is it now inside your brain? In my brain, the time is 12 O’Clock, 3 O’Clock, 6 O’Clock, 9 O’Clock. Why these specific times? Because those are the pointers to which your Corpus Callosum is the most alerted, Conscious and capable of harmonizing your 2 brain hemispheres. The Dohgon Clock is what will […]