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Lesson 410 – A Study of Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew Language

**The link to the video mentioned in this Lesson is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7vbNSEJL-SU . Please view and study it as well.** In Lesson 410, We take a deeper look into some of the Hebrew vocabulary and pronunciations, and further connecting them to their proper Afrakan Language family. In doing so, We reexamine the translation, usage and origin […]

Flowverdose – Negros Americanos x mc enigma / Lyle Omolayo

Flowverdose, the new video by Negros Americanos is here! Our heroes travel around their hometown Plainfield, NJ, NYC, and beloved Brooklyn for the first visual from the Take Flight EP. Enjoy mc enigma’s whimsical stream of consciousness! Shot by Justin Butler Produced by Mello Mel Edited by mc enigma http://www.NegrosAmericanos.bandcamp.com source


Black prison mind, How do we get over 500,000 Black People out of the shallow 4 walls of those human caged dungeons they call prisons? We use Waves and Numbers in our HEALING Process because, like bees and pollens, Waves are the bees and Numbers are the pollens. When bees get to the right pollen, […]

Brain Art

Brain Art is about finally knowing the secrets behind creativity. This system is good for artists who enter what’s called artists’ block, in order for them to finally become free from that inadequacy. The winner of the contest will be awarded a $100,000 grant money to teach the Science of Creativity so that young upcoming […]

PhenoMelanin-Melatonin: How does something abstract become real?

How does something abstract become real? This is what you’ll find out with this video. It’s a very simple process that takes you into quantum physics with a thorough understanding of how Waves transmute to becoming particles. You’ll learn about Noumena and phenomena through the Pheno Process. PhenoMelanin takes you to a higher level of […]

How to get your muscles to listen to your Mind

When you are stressed or suffer from creativity blockages, it’s because you depend too much on your brain. How can you ever succeed by relying on a resource that’s buried in a cave? Your brain is stuck in the cave of your skull, and that’s why you suffer these problems. Enter your Mind and begin […]