Why Black History Month?

Black History Month is a designated period of time in which Black and Afrakan people commemorate our ancestors, important historical dates, outstanding individuals, and our overall achievements as a race. However, for some Black people, the word Black is an offensive and inappropriate classification of Race. They say black is a color not a physical […]

What is Life?

What is Life? http:/320ro.com. Life is defined in simple terms as a state of matter that experiences growth through metabolism and reproduction. Life is infinitely diverse and ranges from single cell organisms to the most complex creature we know, which is ourselves. Although each incarnation of Life is independent of another with its own characteristics, […]

Sex Dolls Corrupting Life

Sex Dolls Corrupting Life. Weak minded people all over the world are going crazy over the release of a new breed of ultra-realistic sex dolls. They see the use of sex dolls as a harmless way of satisfying their desires while relieving sexual stress. What they don’t know is that by giving in to their […]

Black Consciousness vs Christ Righteousness

Black Consciousness vs Christ Righteousness So, Christians want to fight back against Black Consciousness using Christ Righteousness. Well the Heru Interface of Black Consciousness says bring it on! Christ righteousness is a roman invention and since Black people are not Romans, any Black person promoting Christ is not only perpetuating a slave mentality, they’re suffering […]

Support Us

The Black Conscious community should support Us. Who is Us? Us is the upcoming new horror film by writer and director Jordan Peele. Although I’m not into scary movies, there are three reasons why I’m going to see this movie when it gets released in March of 2019. The first reason is because the main […]

What is God?

“What is God?” That is a question that will generate a different response from everyone who is asked. In general, people who believe in a god will respond by saying that he or she is the creator of the universe and everything in it. Atheists, on the other hand, will deny the existence of a […]


It’s good to ask where we came from… and it’s good to know whether we have a Purpose. Understanding The DARK Universe (of Pure Energy, Spirituality and Omniscience) ANKHsers those questions. Learn more about The DARK Universe. DohgonUniversity source

Where did God exist before light?

Where did God exist before light? This is the question science should be asking because it provides the quest for further knowledge and Understanding about the proverbial questions of: who we are, where did we come from, what’s our purpose for being here, and where do we end up after our little terrestrial existences? source