New Afro Conscious Social Network Blaqsbi

Join the new Afro-Conscious Social Network. https://www.blaqsbi.com/social/re/fer/ral/Integral The Age of Aquarius is the age of consciousness. In this time all lies, deceptions, and false information will fade away. To encourage the process and ensure that Black people are the leaders of this new revolution in human thinking, a new social network strictly for Black unity […]

Ancestral Karma and Free Energy Gridwork

Magenta analyses and expands upon her recent social media post: Can you please tell me how I can clear my family’s karma? There are multiple methods for this. Visualisations work wonders with the path clearing. The spiritual cliche ‘working on yourself’ is really key here, for as you work on yourself you break that cycle […]

Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness & Contact with Non Human Intelligence | Rey Hernandez

WEB: https://www.consciousnessandcontact.org AMAZON: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1721088652?ref=cp_d_n_u Visit www.ufohub.net to watch FREE full interviews. SUBSCRIBE! DONATE TO UFO HUB: https://goo.gl/nvYTqi UFO HUB MERCHANDISE: https://goo.gl/bznPj9 YOUTUBE: https://goo.gl/O4IPJ5 FACEBOOK: https://goo.gl/fVEsF8 GOOGLE+: https://goo.gl/MpWn1r TWITTER: https://goo.gl/n4ko0B INSTAGRAM: https://goo.gl/LQTeWD source

12 Dimensions of Consciousness (full version)

Book is now available! See description below. An exploration of dimensions 1 through 12 (and beyond) as seen through this model for time and reality. I have completed a book about the 12 Dimensions. It’s called 12 Dimensions of Consciousness and Beyond. It’s the result of 18 years of work, and a lifetime of learning. […]

Critical Mass Through Multilocational Consciousness and Omnipresence

Magenta Pixie analyses and expands upon her recent social media post: “Physical causes of illnesses and syndromes do not negate the pre-birth blueprints. The illness/syndrome is the catalyst for the pre-birth blueprint to manifest.” — Presented by Magenta Pixie. Magenta Pixie Website: https://www.magentapixie.com Magenta Pixie Products: https://www.magentapixie.com/shop.html — BOOKS BY MAGENTA PIXIE: * The Black […]

Bobby Hemmitt | Moorish Destiny & Annihilation of Black Music – Pt. 1/3 (23Dec01)

Watch the full video program AD FREE as a monthly Gold Patron of the Sirius Times Video Archive on Patreon at: http://www.patreon.com/SiriusTimesMedia Bobby’s Picture Pack link: http://siriustimes.com/estore/ark-of-sothis-videos/9122-bobby-hemmitt-meta-picture-pack.html PDF file collection of spiritual pictures Bobby compiled in mid-early 2000s. (11×17) print size. Mask of Darkness: An Occult History of Melanin pamphlet by Bobby Hemmitt (21Sep02): http://siriustimes.com/estore/home/9123-the-mask-of-darkness.html […]

Deep Sleep Hypnosis for Mind Body Spirit Cleansing (Rain & Music for Guided Dreams Self Healing)

Welcome to this guided deep sleep hypnosis session with spoken words, natural rain sounds and sleeping music. This session will speak directly to your deepest subconscious resources to trigger within you powerful natural healing responses as you sleep and positively dream. Download this digital MP3 track: ► https://michael-sealey.dpdcart.com/cart/add?product_id=163156&method_id=174774 CD Baby: ► http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/MichaelSealey Downloads on iTunes: […]

Starseeds, Lightworkers and ET's

Has Planet Earth has been cut off from the Light, locked down in darkness, unable to move out of the dense vibration of third density control and fear? With the great awakening of humanity at this time, many facilitators of the Light have incarnated to assist and guide us to greater clarity and heal our […]