September 18, 2023
Tanzania Urges UN Nations To Back Burundi's Repatriation Of Over 120,000 Refugees | The Conversation

#Tanzania is seeking assistance from the international community and humanitarian agencies to repatriate more than 120,000 Burundian refugees.

Political unrest in #Burundi took a de@dly turn in 2015 after the president, Pierre Nkurunziza announced plans to seek a third term. Street protests led to vi0lent clashes, and hundreds of thousands fled to nearby countries in search of safety.

According to UNHCR’s estimates, of the approximately 300,000 Burundian refugees still in exile, 70,000 are expected to return to Burundi in 2022.

Today on #TheConversation, we discussed the impact of Burundi’s conflicts on the number of refugees seeking asylum in other countries.

Rita Omodia

Jebra Kambole – Advocate and Human Rights Activist, Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Ally Saleh – Chief Whip, Shadow Cabinet, ACT WAZALENDO PARTY

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Tanzania Urges UN Nations To Back Burundi’s Repatriation Of Over 120,
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