September 20, 2021

26 thoughts on “Tariq Nasheed on agents in black consciousness movement

  1. Tariq Nasheed and Umar Johnson are both Compromised, Sellout, Agents, Grand Wizards and proprietors of the Global Sellout Movement, under the Color of Law, and the Color of Authority.

    There's no Legal Status in Color, and they're the perpetrators of Voluntary, and Contractual Slavery, via the 14th Amendment.


  2. Why this dude always hating on the conscious and Hebrew black community i thought it was about unity of black ppl why are u name calling Tariq you are a hypocrit

  3. I agree with you tariq , that's why I am underground trying to create an alternative solution to the problem that we face each day as a black nation. Differences must be set aside to complete this mission.

  4. He describes something that is common among all people as something that is the main problem of Black people both historically and currently, which I disagree with. The tribalism he speaks of is even more prevalent among the white race in general and the only time they have been in agreement is when it comes the exploitation and oppression of Blacks. They fight over everything else in a very tribal, group based way.

  5. thanks tariq, very sober logical discussion, unlike the rest of these fucking too black clowns who go around dividing black folks with their bigotry. and you're right, we're too fucking tribal for our good.

  6. There You Go Again Speaking On Something That Either You're A Part Of Or Know Nothing Of!
    Be Leary Of A Person That Don't Look You In The Eyes!
    You Should Know That The Platform That They Gave You Have CoInTellPro Written All Over It!
    I Not Only Speak Truth, But I Suggests Solutions! I Know What You've Done! NOTHING!!!
    Now Here's A Solution For You!
    1)Stop Playing Into Our Oppressors Hand! Uplift Your Brothers And Sisters Who Are Trying To Make Things Better!
    2)You Are In A Position To Reach Influential People! Use The Position To Start Something Positive!
    3)Don't Mislead The People On Falsehood And Hearsay!
    Know That There Are People Who Are Doing The Work Of Attempting To Uplift The Community!
    4)Begin Looking People In The Eyes To Let Them Know That You Are Honest And Sincere About You Wanting To Uplift The Community!
    Look My Brother, I Love That You Are Trying, But I Just Had To Call You Out On What I Think Is Unfair Bashing Of A People Already Downtrodden And Rejected!
    No Disrespect My Brother!
    Love You As If You Were My Biological Brother!
    We Are All In This Struggle Together!
    May Peace Be Unto You My Brother And The Light Of Truth Shine Upon Your Heart For Overstanding!

  7. Hi brother…..i liked your in depth research and  narration on hidden colors documentaries. You have very strong points…..but I would however, urge you to refrain from profanity……because i am now confused whether you are the same dude on that professional dvd – hidden colors and this you tube posting. Peace!  

  8. Brotha Tariq, these two books will answer most of the questions that you are grappling with here. "Christopher Columbus and the Afrikan Holocaust: Slavery and the Rise of European Capitalism" by John Henrik Clarke and "How Europe Underdeveloped Africa" by Walter Rodney.

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