September 22, 2023
Teen activists mobilize massive Black Lives Matter protest through social media

20 thoughts on “Teen activists mobilize massive Black Lives Matter protest through social media

  1. BLM have NOT given one red cent back into the black community or person = Google it. BUT it has funded Marxist and BLMs founders 4 multi million $ houses in exclusively WHITE HOODS!! Typical Socialism!!

  2. It is sad to see those teenagers being so manipulated, and it’s thanks to the propaganda media such as this ABC which actually used to be a news media and now does a little news I’m just mostly propaganda, Black Lives Matter has nothing to do with black lives it is a corrupt organization, and as we can see by the head of Black Lives Matter buying several multi million dollar mansions in California with the money that she has expanded with money that was donated by idiots to the BBS פולימעיר ۸۰ group Black Lives Matter which should really be called green money matters and they’re using the teenagers to spread this crap and I’ve seen it on Nickelodeon and other kids networks it’s political and it has nothing to do with anything other than political propaganda and abusing and brainwashing these children, liberals no matter if they even have a PhD they are dumbest people who think they are smart.

  3. Of course children are rioting for this because no logical adult would, the police kill caucasian people in the same manner.This is going to become racism against white people if it hasn't already.

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