March 27, 2023
Texas Family Races Horse Named 'Black Lives Matter'

Ten brothers and sisters followed in their mother and father’s footsteps, and now they’re making history here in the state of Texas.


46 thoughts on “Texas Family Races Horse Named 'Black Lives Matter'

  1. I don’t have a problem with the phrase or the name I just have a issue with the ppl that run the movement. They’ve done nothing for the families that they raised money for and they don’t care about the black lives that are lost by the hands of other black ppl. All black lives need to matter not just the ones that git the narrative.

  2. UPDATE: Weems & Stephens Equine Hospital in Aubrey, TX murdered this horse and stole his sperm then told the family the camera footage was lost from the camera directly above from where the horse was

  3. I didn't realize this horse even existed until after its death . But now I can see there was a lot of local news coverage about this horse in the Texas area . My condolences to this family they seem to be great people I hope a full investigation gets to the bottom of what really happened to this animal .

  4. "We want every young black youth to know that we can do anything…" he was about to say something meaningful for black youth then he got edited. What was that all about?

  5. Just another reminder that you dont need history to understand youre dealing with rhe worst people in history. Killing a horse???? Between this and that Jeffery Dahmer documentary im convinces these people are the worst to ever exist in history. Disgusting

  6. Other than naming the horse what do you do for the black community? Theres nothing in this news story other than spreading the name of how you support black lives? Awareness? Is that all?

  7. I think it’s pretty cool to hear that over the microphone microphone Black Lives Matter! I just think we don’t want to continue division we’re all Americans black and white we don’t want to go back to division. It’s so cool for me to see a black family as cowboys, I personally have just not seen that , I love it , to be such a minority in that world had to be overwhelming. Cudos To you it must’ve built a very strong family as you appear to be…………

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