Join us Saturday, August 1st for our Virtual Broadcast of the Philadelphia Mid-Summers Tradition!!! The 16th Annual Afrikan Independence Day Ma’at Celebration: 2020 “Culture Is Our Immune System”. Which will be seen simulcasted “LIVE” on Youtube on The Urban Shamans Youtube Channel and on The Do Tha Knowledge Radio Youtube Channel from 4 pm-8 pm Eastern. There will be “LIVE” special guest speakers and performances the likes of Kween Jasira, Professor Carl Tone Jones, Mama Pam Africa, Tahjee a.k.a. The Black Fist Seven, Chairman Fred Hampton, Ife Jie, Marcus Kline, Rak & Musa Of KaziGang, Baba Amin Ojuok & Mama Nkoyo Binah, Brick Da Foundation, Dr. Wade Nobles & Garvey City’s (Wilmington, Delaware’s) own Richard Raw. There will be a Children’s Pavilion Cultural Creative Online Activity during the broadcast. There will also be a presentation of the 2020 Ahmed Akil Tahir Pearl Of Africa Award to this year’s recipient the late Mama Akosua Sabree. And a keynote address that will be delivered by The Akoben Institute’s Baba Mwalimu Baruti & Enaa Yaa Baruti entitled “Culture Is Our Immune System”. As well as a Virtual Online Afrikan Shoppers Marketplace and much, much more. This year’s celebration to hosted by Oba Oláyínká, Khamuo Heru, Farugh Ma’at of The Afrakan Independence Day Organizing Committee, and the hosts of The Sonic Ngoma & Brutha Knowledge Born Allah Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Do Tha Knowledge Radio. So mark it down on your calendars Saturday, August 1st The Virtual Broadcast of The 16th Annual Afrakan Independence Day Maat Celebration 2020: “Culture Is Our Immune System” LIVE on Youtube. There will be more updates, information, and confirmations in the weeks to come so stay tuned. For more information please contact The Afrakan Independence Day Organizing Committee at (267) 521-1544 or by email at and visit our official webpage anytime at Peace & Black Power!!! ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿 ❤🖤💚

The Official Schedule For The Virtual Broadcast of
The 16th Annual Afrakan Independence Day Maat Celebration 2020:
Culture Is Our Immune System
Saturday, August 1, 2020
4pm The Welcoming & Brief History Of The Afrakan Independence Day Maat Celebration by host Oba Oláyínká
4:10pm Iya Olakunle Oludina (Ancestral Libation)
4:15pm Kween Jasira ( The Black National Anthem)
4:20pm Brick Da Foundation
4:30pm Baba Amin Ojuok & Mama Nkoyo Binah
4:45pm Children’s Pavilion Presentation
5:00pm The 2020 Ahmed Akil Tahir Pearl Of. Africa Award Presented to the late Okomfo Mama Akosua Sabree of The International Locks Conference
5:15pm Ife Jie
5:25pm Marcus Kline
5:40pm Richard Raw
6:00pm Professor Carl Tone Jones
6:15pm Rak & Musa of KaziGang
6:30pm Tahjee a.k.a. Black Fist 7
6:40pm Dr. Wade Nobles
“The Twin Global Pandemic
Of 2020: Covid-19 & Global White
Supremacy And It’s Effect On The
Afrikan World”
7:20pm Baba Mwalimu Baruti & Enaa Yaa Baruti
Keynote Address “Culture Is Our
Immune System”
8:30pm Closing Remarks by host Oba Oláyínká
Just Added Speacial Guest Mama Pam Africa & Chairman Fred Hampton speaking “LIVE” from the historic Hampton House in Chicago, Illinois


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