September 23, 2021


  1. For the ones that say Woman can’t have a baby without a man, Have you Studied PATHOGENESIS ( when a woman body is fully Akalined) she can Conceive with out men, you have female Animals that can do the Same! Just wondering. Also Love the message but the language its Too much especially when I’m trying to let my children learn and listen ( as I never really curse) not that I’m better, I just preferred not to, you can’t avoid it but on a platform like this it would be nice for kids to be able to join in. Thank you General Seti

  2. We all our worst enemy, I don't mind listening, however, seti has to clean up his language, I wouldn't advise NO children to listen to him why he doing all this cursing. The late Malcolm X said, when a man curses with filth coming out of his mouth that's cause he ran out of all that it is for him to say and it's nothing good!

    Please clean up your speech, clean up your language, how can you teach with all this cursing in your videos?

    I truly don't overstand why all the foul language!

    And I Approve this Message,
    Chancellor Solicitor'
    Free Inhabitant

  3. Being born into the world is not great for all. The woman doesn’t impregnate herself. There was a balance.

    The homosexual part is to call the male role a goddess and the female aspect as god. These are gender role switching. Nut was a great Goddess but so was Ra and Imhotep.

    I’m no Muslim but I respect that they at least have their woman cover their ass instead of flaunting they ass & titties for the world to gawk at n to get attention from many men.

    There were gods before Heru. Woman’s roles are vital. We love & adore women but all these male feminists are reaching to far to try to erase the balance. BOTH have a role in this Universe.

    Gods are humble but stern. So you can go to relatives & be humble. We don’t disrespect elders not just “big momma”.

    Women will even tell you that they prefer to be called Goddess as opposed to being a God.

    There’s always a duality. Hot and cold, black and white, male & female. Each positive has an equally negative, period.

    My mother carried me and birthed me after my father sparked the process of life which also determines a gender. Facts that can’t be denied. This is biological.

    Are we reaching for being unification with our speech or are we being divisive with our words?

    Most males don’t know how to be because they don’t have the necessary father to model after. These females are birthing babies for the lowest of the low niggaz that ain’t about shit. Anyone can see these nothing ass niggaz ain’t good fathers or husbands. But these females ain’t looking for husbands, they looking for sperm donors just to complain & brag about not needing men to raise a boy into a man. These are facts. Sorry too many don’t know they pops to guide them to manhood but your reality ain’t Universal reality for all.

  4. Tha GOD…Salute Gen. SETI! 100💯💪🏿👊🏿✊🏿… dont be humble family…turn up…that's the only way we getting back on top. That power is deep family. Keep preaching you reaching folk…keep it up

  5. Black power to seti. I respect your views and videos over the past 10 yrs. But lets be honest neither you or pharaoh on the scholarship level of Bobby. You are just critics. Bobby is at the titan level of scholarship. Seti and pharaoh at the angel level right now. Still many more yrs to go when it come to the level of where bobby is. But the same time still give props to your video. Keep doing your job bro.

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