September 19, 2021



  2. Towards the end of march when I sought after certain hieroglyphs, what was carved above the head of Aset said it all that, we came here as one and then too two as God and Goddess to move together and create life here and remain in the immortal connection of ascension to the creator together. The Black woman is God and I to her am God and we are of the essence that has come as one but are the two of the essence to establish life in the flesh that remains in connection with the Creator which sustains the immortal Spirit in us, that is us. Religion takes you away from this all. That day in March when every chakra in me exploded before I searched out the hieroglyphs I was given vision of that first black child born and looking throw those eyes up at the mother and on her shoulder the father and the cosmic melanin of their skin tone, that it was cosmic. In that time of march i felt the Spirit heavy and I knew what it was that was coming to be because of the training in discernment that the Spirit had directly given me for years. That divine Spirit wanted me to set there and just reveal my personal thoughts to you as i would set there and think my personal thoughts to myself. I sat there and cleared my mind and would force nothing of myself and just relaxed and as always trusted in the divine Spirit to let what come forth of me, come forth, then BANG LOL (don't laugh) a power that i have never felt before. That day in March, the Spirit moved me and sat me down to greet the Family on Young Pharaohs chat, maybe an hour before YP was scheduled to speak. The vision that i was given about the first Black child born to Mother moved me to speak what I saw and at that moment I asked everyone in the chat to "call out to God say, Ma Ma". Why I have taken 6 days to respond in comment is that , I cannot believe that this video was posted one year earlier and calling out to Ma at' is a thing that people actually know to do; the fact that this knowledge is known and been previously told and taught; being called to the Hall Of Ma at' in Spirit and given a promotion that day in early 2000's that made me feel proud of my work here and over joyed. Looking at those who stood along side the Hall, by the columns and the colors that i saw that they wore were of White an emerald like Green and of Golden yellow, I recognized the Holy Divine Order even more deeply. As I was given my promotion in the HALL and returned to my flesh state, i quickly went to go find my garment to represent who i am. (I still have that Green and Gold football jersey.. i know, don't laugh). And to see now just within less than 8 months or so, I see the pictures of the HALL OF MA AT' and they have the same colors on but not only that, when I see he pictures i recognize it AS SOON AS I SEE IT and i believe as commented that "I have been here before in the HALL OF MA AT…'". All of this Spiritual, Divine Spiritual information given on this video has truly got my head busted and is why I have taken 6 days to comment, and my head is still on bust right now! Because I look around and see that are Spiritual information and blueprint is known and being taught so, where are we?!! And what are we really doing?!! HAVE YOU TRULLY FORSAKEN YOUR OWN ESSENCE?!!… FOR RELIGION????!!.. FOR DEATH???!!!. And in March to search out certain hieroglyphs and understanding that they had to be carved by highly spiritual people, I see the carvings of Akhenaten catching the sun rays in the cups and i turn my head from him and feel no concern of him regarding reading his hieroglyphs because i felt something was wrong at first sight. Beautiful carvings but, something is wrong there. I have learned so much about myself from this video and so much is on my mind and heart.

  3. I was feeling you because im from the streets and i can tell you believe the shit you saying but You attaching the perversion of what whites did with the knowledge to the people gaining knowledge. The knowledge and magic Bobby Hemmit gave out has changed lives in real time. I beat 3 motherucking charges with bobby hemmitt spells. That black power shit getting niggas knocked upside their head and ushed into a corner. Your whole agenda is easily destroyed by agents. This magic is on another level. Im from Florida where the only thing that scares police is magic.

  4. I'm a friend of a friend of yours, I liked, subscribed, and shared ALL of your lessons with my son's for almost a year! Ptah blocked me from your chats for no apparent reason… DISRESPECTFUL AS HELL!…FUCK Y'ALL TOO!!!!!!!

  5. The black man carries the seed. I can get 100 women pregnant at one time but yet a women has to wait nine months to reproduce again so how the fuck can black women be god ??????? We the only race that put the woman above the man and look it the condition we in in ?? Black women been running the house hold for a minute now

  6. Give Honor to whom honor is due. The Black Woman is the ONLY CREATOR of all civilizations. A white man called jesus did not create you, stop worshipping it. The Black Woman created you!!!!

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