September 20, 2021


  1. SETI the best when it comes to this type stuff. Hands down… he’s teaching what the previous generation taught, going more in-depth, and at the same time speaking my languageπŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽πŸ’ͺ🏽

  2. the true pyriamid was supposed to be 43 and a half degrees. zoser figured it out. the main pyriamids were 52 degrees which was factored in by using the same formulae : 52 degree angle of the Giza pyramids required familiar- ity with this factor; it was attained by giving the pyramid a height (H) equal to half the side (S) divided by Pi and multi- plied by four (754/2 = 377/3.14 = 120 x 4 = 480 feet in height). The angle of 43 1/2 degrees was attained by reducing the height from a final multiple of four to a multiple of three. In both instances, knowledge of pi was required; and there is abso- lutely nothing to indicate such knowledge among the peoples of Mesoamerica. How then did the 43 1/2 degree angle appear in the structures of the two unique (to Mesoamerica) pyramids of Teo- tihuacan, if not through someone familiar with the constructions of the Egyptian pyramids?
    you see , they even make it seem like the asians came upo with pi,,,nope. niggas did.

  3. when the spaniards first started to explore, they came upon mexico city, which was then called,Tenochtitlan. when they came across the natives, they were told of a "city of gold", when cortez spoke to motezuma, he told him that he didnt have gold but he would show him where the "city of gold" was. . the city of gold was never found but it has been estimated that in total, the spaniards took over 470 millions tons of gold. wild.

    food for thought. thats what preceeded the "slave trade".

  4. From what im reading Teotihuacan and all the pyramids around that area were built by the Totonac People. You would have to give me more proof to say these people decend ancient eqyptians. The Totonac people are not rellated to the Aztecs linguistically and there lanquage is an isolate. heres a women from that tribe. Also the Olmec head are amazing, but I think there native to meso- america unless you have hard evidence the not. We dont know their lanquage but it might be from the Mixe–Zoque languages family from meso-america.

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