September 19, 2021


  1. I am the New King of Egypt one day i felt something floating in my FOREHEAD LIKE A SNAKE It took about 5 minutes I WALKED HOME URAEUS KEEP FLOATING

    Again when discussing with my mother a Image appeared of a scary giant cobra looking at me I believe it was WADJET The same one that appeared on my forehead Third time was a lucid dream a giant snake Anaconda type all wrapped around my body I was not afraid for me it was apep I am from Bahia, Brazil and I believe I am from the Hausa tribe and yes we Egyptians are Black indeed.
    Who had Uraeus on his forehead was Pharaoh and some Gods.
    I believe that Uraeus floated on the forehead of Pharaoh in Trance or in Rituals

  2. Quit running from me seti ♀ family subscribe to my channel and go to vulture eye channel because I showed everyone stole from us here in amarukha plus Anubis and set are from here as well we are Atlantians and Mayans family I put up maya was also the first priest of Amun amen I put the pictures up of pyramids here he purposely didnt show us plus I have pictures that Ive taken and they are carving our faces off the walls and mountains in the south west I found Anubis tomb here and showed it seti you garbage how you all over in Africa and someone like me finding tombs here in amarukha 屢屢休休休 seti bow down Hyena chief and vulture eye cleaning shit up樹

  3. And Queen Kiya! Most of her busts were destroyed because of nefertiti out of jealousy for bearing a son to Akhenaten…but respects to all the ancient ancestors east and west, north and south

  4. I bet u People believed we was gone cry 4 for the so called Legend haaaaa nawwww Dr Ben is my legend not celebrity z 不不不不不不不I hate basketball away 休休休休休

  5. A how does papyrus paper look one of my pictures is pure papyrus and My earth Goddezz had it before I was born I wanna send u a picture cause I know just by look its not paper or sketch art and how long is the life of papyrus its all ready 35 years under my life how long has it been on earth The with Goddezz Maat bowing to Goddezz Het Heru sitting on a throne c u find stuff around the house when u get off these web sites

  6. Is it plausible to say that it is possible that the Nile valley civilization actually had a 1 world government? I believe there was a time where the law of the lands around the world were governed by the Nile valley civilization, which is why we find so many parallels in other places outside of the the Nile valley that is undeniably Nike valley culture. I feel like this is what white folks are trying to copy and create a one world government because they knew it once existed so to them its possible… just a thought…

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