December 4, 2021


  1. it's impossible to catapult a 1000 ton structure that far using human labor like they said the slaves did I'm just not buying that might sound crazy or farfetched but I think they use(d) magnetic sound waves to levitate these objects that great distance 🤷🏾‍♂️💯💯

  2. The European. R so upset. They tryn figure out. How those huge buildings were created. Lmao. Its a secret. They will never know. So they make up lies. Everytine they dig. Its the blackbess. Amen w.a

  3. " just think that this race of black men,today our slave and the object of scorn is the very race to which we our sciences and even the very use of speech! How be it that the friends of liberty would participate in the barbarity of slavery,and call themselves the friends of humanity.

  4. Wow this brother here show us things we should know! But the way he break it down it’s more easy to build thanks brother keep up the great Research. I do have a question. I know those head statues is definitely go for black people but how many of us you think was over here at this time ?

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