September 22, 2023
The AFRICAN American Man behind the Year of Return - Repatriation

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35 thoughts on “The AFRICAN American Man behind the Year of Return – Repatriation

  1. I was just like this dude. I was like, yo, I'm going to Africa to chase a dollar. I figured there were endless business opportunities there. I arrived in Ghana. Eyes wide open. I discovered a business idea in a few days and I was set. But I was only there for 1 month. I came back to the US. I started watching youtube videos of Ghana and I had a strange feeling. It felt like I had left home, and I wanted to go back home. Unlike this brother, I don't believe in anything that I can eat or spend. LOL But, I was home in Ghana. People that I met and spent time with didn't even realize I was American. People thought I was from Ghana, had been living abroad and has came back home to Ghana. It was a real revelation. I'm not a spiritual person, but I loved being in Ghana. I plan to go back in December, start a new business immediately, and look for what I can do good while I'm there. I'm not spiritual, but I love people. Even my business will do good things for people who will eventually work with me.

  2. I have been needing to speak with someone there. The yearning that I've had for the last 5 years. Videos like thus pop up. I'm yearning for my balance. I've been working on myself from 2009. De-Americanizing myself without really knowing that I was doing it.

  3. Great interview, thanks to you both. Like his response in relation to citizenship, the diaspora should have a right to citizenship in any African country they choose, it's their birthright.

  4. No one ' Deserves' a Ghanaian citizenship simply because you are an AA. Anyone who certifies the requirements laid down by the immigration laws of the country is illegible to apply for a Ghanaian Citizenship.

  5. In 2021 50 diaspora came to Ghana for land in Asebu. We all collectively presented 60,000usd to Asebu Chief Nana Ampaah. A year later we have not been able to receive our indentures. He parted land that was not his. Is there anything that can be supported for us via this provider.

  6. The jews have an " AGENDA". That is why they unite. They believe in helping each other..because they want to "CONTROL" the world. Africans need a " SENSE OF PURPOSE" and " UNITE".

  7. Hello I'm gonna go through this this year and I'm excited I'll be going to Liberia but I'll visit Ghana I have peoplenthat lives there and u have family here all over peace n blessings beyond measure 🙏 ✨️ 🙌 any heads up I'll appreciate

  8. Hello give me some heads up I'm going to move to Liberia and I'm going contribute myself and I'm gonna have a one way ticket I have my family there and relatives give me heads up amd I thank you for talking about it you are deep down already peace and blessings beyond measure 🙏 ✨️ 🙌

  9. I'm past ready for this life no matter how hard I have ro work on it I'm ready for it by N E Means necessary thanks for knocking that door down and keeping it down peace

  10. While I like the brother's approach to Ghana, Africa and the African diaspora, I just like to correct him that Ghana is not the first independent country of Africa. Ethiopia and Liberia were the first independent African countries. But bravo to the brother and may his investment continue to grow in Ghana.

  11. ghana's land its up for discussion even by foreigners online what a shame. ghana go ahead and sell you land your sovereignty! from your fellow brother kenya

  12. This is the most powerful interview I have ever attended. I always believed that the region of West Africa is the next USA , United Stares Of Africa . It has started just follow this man and his Vision his is way ahead. Just wait and see. By the way I am from Greece and can see things more objective and I totally agree with these concepts he has.

  13. 😄😄 This man deserves not only citizenship but also acres of land. The year of return has made a mamoth posotive difference to Ghana. I feel Africa shoould always reward this type of individuals. It is really brave of them.

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