September 17, 2023
The African Princess Who Wanted Black Americans To Come Back Home

50 thoughts on “The African Princess Who Wanted Black Americans To Come Back Home

  1. I’m a black American (descendant of slaves) and America is my home. My ancestors built this country & have been here for centuries. We own land and businesses here. We don’t need anything from Africa unless it’s in the form of reparations. We don’t need to live there and I wish black American people would stop thinking Africa is some paradise that will change them spiritually & make them feel like they belong. It’s a continent 😒. I don’t even believe my ancestors who were enslaved here would want me to go back to a place that never avenged them. Asking us to “come home” is actually kind of insulting to be honest. Especially when African people do not see us as African 😂 Also, I know from personal experience that African people are not as welcoming (in general) toward us as some of these comments are claiming they are lol 😂 A LOT of African people think we are uncultured, diluted versions of them… yet, they come here to America and reap the benefits of my ancestors sacrifices while looking down on us and assimilating into white American culture.

    This was a great story but I don’t like the pandering that’s always done to black American people when it comes to “going home”. We ARE home. We have OUR OWN culture that the entire world emulates. Our ancestors MAY HAVE BEEN African (some of our ancestors were indeed native to America) but WE ARE NOT.

  2. That's probably why garvy died the way he did, but however or whatever at least they both tried that's the true meaning of putting your heart an soul into what you believe…..but then again the MOSTHIGH made it clear that we will not return until yahsua comes back, no man can give us back our brith land(the kingdom of yudah) …'s almost time thou

  3. There's a great channel Dane callaway according to his evidence black American s are home there the true natives of America turtle island check out his channel some very interesting stuff the slave ships were the Europeans his evidence is mindblowing I'm not saying I believe all but just check his channel and take from it ur own mind let me know what ya think of it all cheers

  4. Garvey was also accused as Fraud and had many suspect dealings including with the KKK! Just like now everyone has scams and lies to fulfill and agenda. Do your own research!

  5. Stop letting people divide us. They turned on her for not getting their permission to raise funds. They probably already been infiltrated. Watch out for snakes… I wish she had me as a Guard back then it wouldn't have went down like that…

  6. it's kind of crazy that when we try to build up black organizations to promote black power or even a large following to lead us back to some kind of truth, it easily becomes destroyed.It's honestly sad.

  7. We Ghanaians it's in our blood to protect ( Nation- Ghana ) Africa and all black people around the world.
    We have a desire to see that Justice are Done.
    We have a desire that all Africa will be United as one people and love each other.
    We love anyone who love Truth and stand up for people's Rights.
    We believe in Justice and Freedom.
    We believe that all men are important and we are all created equal.
    We all deserve to have a better life, a happy life.
    This is what Ghana is all about.
    God Bless Our Home Land Ghana, and make Our Nation Great and Strong, Bold to Defend Forever, the Cause of Freedom and the Right.
    God give us Humility.
    This is the parts of the lyrics of our national anthem.

  8. Sad she was trying to show them that she meant what she said but they turned on her.
    She would've been great. But it be your own people that turn on you. If she would've finished what she started BOY there wouldn't be many blacks in the USA and Africa would be amazing even more than what it is now.

  9. The theme return to Ghana continues as an official campaign of the gynamanian government to this day there was a massive return in 2019 even having a theme song of an oldie by Obispo welcome home. I believe however sex proves that Mother Nature intends for humans to continually mix in the process of evolution bringing us to the most survivable combination of adaptations and that all conflict and other hurtful things which have taken place scattering people's to and fro across the globe have ironically only work to achieve Mother Nature's Ironclad law denoted by sex itself that the mixing of people's is requisite

  10. hey dont laeve the north america or austrailia because they will have neo colonized. if all blacks leave then we lost a huge land mass to white nationalists trying to push their agenda of "white nation/society"

  11. A classical case of African leadership, kill anyone whose for progress and keep the money/influence to yourself. A very depressing end but not the last to fall victim to such an act. What she went through is a common occurrence in making African countries today.

  12. God bless her soul RIP she tried and if she tried to save a lot of Pan Africans souls from a lot hate that goes on in America and then back in those days things was really rough for black people

  13. Im kind of confused what wrong with your people in America see the thing in hope and support of finance that already been given through out this country in city that history in the United States of prominent foreign royalty in the United States. Now here and city I stay was rushed what flaws always up something about Africa and not realizing how much your disrespecting your history presence in the service of a daughter of a black African prince how torture tune and sound to decendants of kings African a few even this country today me that I have created business that be developed by professional service but my thing to I a job will give foreign royalty a job the defines as decendants of kings because you need princes and princess that can usher you in palace and escort you highest within a house. The thing how am I her in united states knowing my European brother anteez got daughters And visit the plantation my father own in west Virginia at opportunity to meet cousins the United States and some enjoy text calls and having cell and with got within these at respect you shout Africa across continents me here as a granddaughter of king in Africa as a no only has my father emporer halsie Selassie give to your government in the United States but had visited of the course years so now that I hear where it the natural institution of worship from you mongrols

  14. Prophecy says YESHUA will send His Angels to take us back.
    Then again we have heard of African Americans being murdered by the natives in Africa. Reason, jealousy angry at the competition.

  15. How many pan African leaders have been killed on us soil?? This is crazy the amount of influential leaders you’ll never hear about all killed smh

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