September 21, 2021

24 thoughts on “THE ARAB & JEWISH THEFT OF AFRAKAN LANDS!! #GeneralSeti #SaRaSutenSeti

  1. Egypt was the epicenter of combined sciences. It’s like Silicon Valley meeting Financial like in San Francisco. They hit Egypt and started fully showcasing, on a world stage. ancestors had a right to show out

  2. You right brother because they don't bring it like you guys bring it like you and young Pharaoh I call a young Pharaoh the Great but they don't bring that knowledge they hiding it too like you say

  3. The Suez Canal was blocked by a huge Taiwanese container ship, causing a massive traffic jam in ships and trade; Egypt is demanding over $1B in damages. Data estimates showed the blockage was holding up an estimated 9.6bn of trade along the waterway each day.

  4. Bro a real example of the ancients because this man studied under some of the most decorated scholars in this subject. He was risen in Egypt by the great Ashra Kwesi just like the kings was. I mean this dude stood in the same spot as the ancients an went thru the ritual. The video out there with dust on it i seen like 20 years ago he used to go to Egypt every year with a group of young scholars when he was a teenager. This man was under Dr yosef Ben yachannon the greatest historian in African history look it up. Now he passed the Cepter to young pharaoh these brothers are the liberators we are looking for real shit.

  5. I love you Seti! You have been my teacher for 4 years now. I have four degrees from Duke, TSU and Columbia and they cannot touch what all I have learned from you.

  6. I need all truth& knowledge period…❤🖤💚🤴🏾👸🏿👪🏿I ain't trusting nomore of their historians we jogging our memories back. Their greek scholars were stolen from nubia&mali

  7. You N.B.M. folks say you y'all are down for the struggle, yet when leadership is suggested for FBA people y'all start crying about see that's not a good idea because they would get killed off. Yet, your talking points are we're in a war. Hell, when you're in a war than the war demands leadership. However, wars can't tolerate cowardice hustles.

  8. Yelp, every month and every year FBA people situation is getting worse; and the New Black social Media has the same old talking points:
    People who are making a comfortable living off the existence of an issue are the least likely to want to fix it.🤔🙄⚫💯

  9. man, you said it…let ithiopia build that dam and cut off that water flow…there will be no middle east or europe, but african civilization could still survive!!! you talking engineering facts my nicca!!!

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