September 22, 2023
The Art of Mastering COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program)

In this show Dr. Oba T’Shaka defines the FBI’s objectives in carrying out COINTELPRO through examples of its attack on the Black …


4 thoughts on “The Art of Mastering COINTELPRO (Counter Intelligence Program)

  1. SHARE, SHARE AND SHARE AGAIN!!! This presentation was as powerful as any cannon blast has ever been. Prof. Oba is a well I come to for rejuvenation and inspiration weekly! WE have to do all WE can to support and uplift this GRANDMASTER!!!

  2. This show is by far one of the most passionate and brilliant shows produced this year. For our people, who marvel and sometimes find ourselves overwhelmed by recent history and the injustices executed against us; Baba takes our mental faculties for a ride! Here, instead of giving an overview of the well trotted knowledge of COINTELPRO, he dissects it and offers experienced solutions/ suggestions for countering its egregious actions.

  3. I met Professor Shaka when he came to London just after he published his book on Malcolm and spoke at my organisation the PACM which he knows well. Every word our learned elder said about how to protect our organisations and leaders is true. I spent a decade in our Security and Intelligence Divsion and we kept the police and other hostile political organisations, such as the infamous Militant Tendency who tried to penetrate us, including journalists over that period. We even had encounters with the BOSS from South Africa which is recorded in books like Inside BOSS by Gordon Winter who was a leader in the notorious South African Secret Services operating in the UK targetting key figures from the South African anti Apartheid movement who were under our protection and we beat them every time..Winter confesses they left London empty handed and frustated…Because we were expecting them and ready..

    I just wanted to shout out Professor T Chaka as one of the true masters of this field and so glad he is with us doing what he has always done.

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