September 20, 2021

24 thoughts on “The Black Consciousness Community ~ Why I Stay In My Lane

  1. From Henry Clark to Lord Jamar; all of these dudes have one thing in common and that is their hatred of Islam. Islam has the history, the guidance, and the for not just black/ADOS people; but all of humanity.

  2. Tank you very much for your video en comment,you right in the certain ways, I'm living in Belgium we have to problems but not with the black community, here we are living together the problems is the government, but younger generations they have plans to continue living together, my child she black en y don't have problems en I'm withe women, we are living together some people's they just stupid, now watt do you think about the political now with Trump with this propaganda campaign? En all the citizens are for the moment in lockdown, y think the problems came from the school in United States en y think one day the school they have a different approach to living together, y was in New-York for 3 years en y was living in Brooklyn in Carlton avenue between Atlantic avenue it's was a great moment to live there because everyone black, white, Mexican, different nationalities in that time we are living together y remember, now my question is why black community they don't have the same rights in 2020 for health care en jobs we hope y don't now if Bernie Sanders came president why do you think about is agenda ? Y forget my English y was living in 1996-1999 en y return in Europe, now is very important all the community leaving together is very important en work together to change , y think the new generation ave Moore capacity now leaving as a brother en sisters en make a new great with love en leaving together, this a great comments en tank you very much for that merci beaucoup

  3. I’m a white dude, so I come to this from an outside perspective, and would never deign to tell a Black man or woman how to live. I am here only to listen and learn. And you, sir, strike me as a uniquely talented teacher. Thank you for making your perspectives available to me. New sub.

  4. you are an honourable, wise man Lenon. I say this as an old white man. Your thinking can be applied to all communities and it alarms me that so much hate is generated by the folk you speak about. The hate and dysfunctional families also is a primary generator of crime and further breakdown in a community. Keep up the good work.

  5. Thank you for this message. I think that all civilized cultures agree that a strong nation is built on strong families. That is why they put so much emphasis on marriage.

  6. @LenonHonor You are a leader of consciousness… The fact that you felt the need to speak out against injustices that you see around you makes you conscious. You are literally subconsciously following in the same footsteps of as our great ancestor El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz when he called out the Honorable Elijah Muhammad for being a hypocrite for committing adultery. I also follow in the footsteps of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Kwame Ture, Dr. Khalid Muhammad, & Fred Hampton these men and their philosophies helped shape me into the man I am today. Which made me even better than I was before.

  7. I bear witness to the "pussy hustle" happening in the conscious community masquerading as polygamy. One thing Brother Steve Cokely (PBUH) taught me was to never come before the people dirty. Many have failed to conduct themselves as brothers and men.

  8. yes family is important. But identify should be spirit/soul first. if you identify as a husband (which is just a title) if your marriage dissolve s then there is a risk of an identity crisis. if you identify as a father (another title) if you loss a child, then the risk is as above mentioned. But to identify as a loving spirit. Your behavior is to be a dedicated husband and father. You see, life experience is not static and if you remain true to spirit. You are fluid. The key is not to react, but to flow (vibrate).

    By the way, not taking either side of this argument.

  9. I feel there are a lot of pros and cons when comes to so called "black conscience community". I heard many people who claimed to be apart these groups that will agree with Lennon wholeheartedly and then those that will disagree. There are a lot of con artists and also people who are genuine.

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