September 22, 2023
The Burglary That Exposed COINTELPRO: Activists Mark 50th Anniversary of Daring FBI Break-in

Fifty years ago, on March 8, 1971, a group of eight activists staged one of the most stunning acts of defiance of the Vietnam War …


39 thoughts on “The Burglary That Exposed COINTELPRO: Activists Mark 50th Anniversary of Daring FBI Break-in

  1. Amazing is it not? Qanon did the same damn thing the first year but now it is villified by these Leftists. I was there "at the time" and this time is now goddammed different, except these people are Domestic Enemies of the Constitution.

  2. This sounds like the makings of a great movie here, with a critical analysis on whistleblowing for government surveillance in the U.S., touching on several points with regards to foreign and domestic policy with regards to both the Vietnam War and a reflection on today's war on "terror" and dealings with the Israeli government!

  3. DAMN IT! Why is it that we can't all at least agree that our government shouldn't be spying on us all? …
    In just some sort of blanket "drag-net" .. "your rights don't matter?!" kind of way?
    Why do we allow this?

    Between this and what Snowden has revealed, and this has NOTHING to do with left or right, unless you LIKE the idea that the NSA, CIA, FBI, USA is storing every text, email, phone call, package that gets delivered, website that you visit, WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW..

  4. Media P.A, one of the most racist Towns in delaware county pa. No black cops, sheriff's, maybe a shoe shine man at the courthouse. Black ppl get railroaded at the he media courthouse to this day. Most of the lawyers that have offices in media have Criminal records , heavy cocaine use amongst county officials. And I mean to this day.

  5. White people were surprised at the FBI’s level of white supremacy. Now that’s saying something. Two major black politicians VP Harris and Senator Tim Scott were on tv saying America isn’t a racist country.😂😂😂

  6. Shameful & hidden USA history! COINTELPRO (an actual FBI/ j Edgar Hoover WS white supremacist program that caused a riff LA vs New York Black Panthers, spied on MLK Jr, & MURDERED FRED HAMPTON)❗ America has a moral compass of a toilet! Divide & Conquer is PLAYED! WE HAVE NO FRIENDS.. we only need each other🔥!

  7. How you justify that Democrats the one who
    Were slave owners
    Supported the KKK
    BLM is Marxist group
    ANTIFA is Marxist group!
    In my opinion democratic party is the same party was then it is now
    today they want people to believe they have changed.

    Than why black cities that are run from and ruined from democrats leaders, the crimes are sky high and their schools score low! Their Cities are targeted with abortion clinics! Is this how Democrats show support for the people who keep voting for them and will continued vote for them for 200 years?

    Every black & liberal must watch a video on youtube of Malcolm Max it is called white liberals vs, white conservatives!

  8. If this kind of thing happened today the mainstream media would either ignore it or cover it up. Just look at what happened with Hunter Bidens laptop or Jan 6.

  9. It's crazy that with all the evidence that shows and proves how bad and evil the FBI is they are still able to continue and function as if there doing good in the world. Like they've done no wrongs. Interesting that just goes to show u that our overall government is a piece of shit for allowing this organization to continue when they should have shut it down years ago when J Edgar Hoover was running the show but im just being saying.

  10. The very same groups and "types" who were targeted by COINTELPRO
    ….. are the very same types of people who call you a CONSPIRACY THEORIST
    when you mention the Government Gangstalking Program of T.I.s (Targeted Individuals).
    Imagine that.

  11. The very fact that the very FBI break in and robbery of every FBI document the burglars could find on 8 March 1971 while everyone for the most part in the nation was fixated on a boxing match between Joe Frazier and non-else but that of whom former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan paid a salute to at his former Downtown LA restaurant Riordan's Tavern with a dinning booth dedicated to him – Mohammed Ali. Someone who kept coming up in image at various places throughout the years including at the Hollywood and Highland (Ovations!) Entertainment and Shopping Center with being honored with one of six Super Hollywood Stars upon the Hollywood Blvd Walk of Fame.

  12. Gangstalking debunked

    All problems have a geological aspect. It's weird because gangstalking is a global phenomenon. The CIA is one of the most powerful organizations in the world if not the most powerful. They're the head of the gangstalking program. CIA domestic operations are based out of Denver, Colorado and foreign operations are based out of Langley, Virginia. Intelligence agencies and the military are secretly behind gangstalking, but work through law enforcement and community groups who have ACCESS to their target. Fusion centers FUSE them together. This works the SAME way in every country only with their intelligence agencies and law enforcement. The FBI's Terrorist Screening Center (TSC) made one global terrorist watchlist. It's a sham to hide the targeted individual program. This is how the CIA and FBI can be tied to gangstalking. I have statements from government employees and a gangstalkers confession that fusion centers are gangstalking too. There are several videos on YouTube were gangstalkers have confessed to being infraguard and citizens corps as well. THIS is gangstalking debunked. Not the YouTube video by sneezing monkey that claims it's paranoid schizophrenia.

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