September 20, 2021

16 thoughts on “THE Chad Factor: Black Consciousness Is Dead, Black Leadership M.I.A., & THE 'Trumpgeist'"

  1. I don't understand how Tariq can be black conscious and give Mack lessons at the same time. As a conscious people we don't need to make a divide between black men and women the powers that be had already done that… keep doing what you do Brotha and if you can we need more Judge Brown interviews…Peace..

  2. I love the way you break things down…Bro. Ron. …Black people had successes 'in spite of'…we are magical. Others came voluntarily…and how they overstand the power of group economics…thank you so much for explaining the difference …the G.I. Bill…how interesting. Taxes by Black people and citizenship. Radio host/guest wasn't familiar with Imminent Domain?? Interesting. You are a wealth of information…government funded healthcare points were well stated by you. Thank you. I love your perspective regarding where we are right now. "Donald Trump is a mirror image of America ". Very well stated. The guest didn't understand how the media works.

  3. This thought of "each to his own idea" has been why Black america is on the bottom of all piles! Al Sharpton, JJ, etc., subscribes to that notion…they get rich to lead us down the pike. 1st: united in reparations-all people need a level playing field, laws keep the Ba on the bottom. 2nd: Until there is a platform of human rights parity–what in the world are Black americans voting for?This young man has no clue- he is a product of at least 4 generations of brainwashing. He is repeating what wh america states as truth. l like that you gave him some knowledge to refute his obvious lack of pride in his Black manhood. Wh america is his base. Nice to be reminded why we can't unite–I hope this young man doesn't have toooo many followers. He could stand alot more education in more areas. scary!

  4. #Xcellent build Men!! Learning & speaking their LOL (law.of.legalease) 'language' unlocks "all" their doors. Such as, the world of difference between a "Cabinet" & a "Board Of Directors". Think tanks of Freemason secret societies within the USG's LOC (law.of.contracts) are masters @ their craft. So then must we be.

    Considering your Trumpgeist. Did you know… "As with Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite is not a religion, and it is nondenominational, although it does require a belief in a Supreme Being."? …

    Love*Peace&Light 🙂

  5. The guy you have on as a guest is blind to what we all were brainwashed to believe by our schooling. This system is incorporated as a business. It has nothing to do with black or white but how productive are people as a whole. Whichever group that's more productive will be utilized. The race card is only a tool to keep the slaves / average people apart from uniting. No King can be a King without servants.

  6. Was it ever alive? And if it took less than 10 clowns to kill it, could you say that it was strong enough for 20+ million people? Bro. You are black consciousness. Judge Joe Brown. Dick Gregory. Black folks aren't used to how capitalism works. You get rid of what wasn't working, and you replace it with something that works better. That's it.

    Seti has always been low brow. Umar Johnson has shown his color so long ago, remember Boyce Watkins? Tariq and Tommy? That's old. Cmon brother. Tariq has always been moist.

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