September 22, 2021

23 thoughts on “The Chinese Companies Behind Water Supply in Africa | China/Africa Big Business | ENDEVR Documentary

  1. China should not expect appreciation and good will to be permanent. The relationship is very one-sided, something that breeds dependency and discontent. They are also government driven.

  2. Africa: a continent full of diverse religion/culture

    China: a country that hate other religion and made it illegal: helps africa

    If that doesn't concern you, you are to naive to be on the internet

  3. You guys do realize this was china mission to rule/enslave Africa but the company worker (really spys/infiltraitor in disguise) got attached with the people so china had to call off the plan and now are forced to pretend they were helping the whole time 🤣🤣🤣🤣 that what those dog get

  4. Yeah, I'm from China, many people in China also no clean water to drink, the wages is lower than African people, I don't know it's right or wrong! Chinese government pour a lot money to African for exchange of making friends.

  5. Beware the US behind the BRI, they ll create terrorism to bomb the infrastructures and the Chinese people to scuttle yr plans to prosperity. The Jealous & Racist US is a curse to all humanity including their own Non-white

  6. MashaAllah TabarakAllah….
    I am very happy that the Chinese government and people help the African people.
    Only they can help us to evolve and have a better future, because America and Europe only think about our misfortune.
    Thanks for everything China.🌍🌱♥️

  7. Exceptional thinking and doing good jobs for him as well as his company his country. Such a great help from China or any others countries will be very nice help needed country 🙏.

  8. The Western Colonialism controlled, enslaved, and exploited Africans by force. Now when Africans willingly ask China to invest and help, the same Western governments call it "Chinese Colonialism".

  9. Please understand , China is different with the Western Countris . China has 1,5 billion people need to work , and for that reason they produce everythings and manufacturing everythings , and they need customers , worldwide custumers . In order to make African people afford to buy their products in large volume , China has to help Africans to increase the African people income , by building everythings neccessary there , teach them everythings neccessary , and someday China may open many businesses with African people . The point is simple : It is just about the future global Trade , as people need to work and have income , no matter where they live .

  10. Let's get this straight, There are scientists, engineers, architects and people of academia through all Africa, yet you do not know how to build or construct anything? What's wrong with you? This problem of inferiority complex is a disease through all Africa.

  11. You know why China is able to solve infrastructure problems of Africa? Because they have done the same thing in the past 20-30 years, and are still doing it in some part of their country. On the other hand, the western world's current generation know nothing about building up infrastructures from scratch and transforming their country from poverty to wealth. Their current generation were born into wealthy 1st world countries, so when they go to African countries, they look at them with condescending eyes and think that nothing can be done. If Africans want friends, look for those who understand and can empathize with your situation. The western countries certainly can't do that.

  12. Yes, there was string attached, YES, they expect something in return. BUT, you CANNOT deny the fact that people's lives have been improved dramatically. It's Wayyy better than selling them Coke Colas' 🤣🤣

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