September 18, 2023
The COINTELPRO Papers-ch 1 Deletions in FBI documents (audio-book)

1 thought on “The COINTELPRO Papers-ch 1 Deletions in FBI documents (audio-book)

  1. 6:00 courts refuse to keep fbi in check
    9:00 fbi used nat security excuse illegally since 1975
    10:30 ronald reagan assists in government persecution
    12:00 fbi excuse and justification system
    14:00 b7c excuse used to allow fbi officals to lie about their involvement
    16:00 fbi ignores laws against b7c excuse and use b7d excuse
    19:30 Federal employees cannot be confidential but the fbi censors record of state local and federal agencies
    20:30 most nat sec investigations where about political dissedents
    22:00 ronald reagan was the devil
    23:00 fbi deletes publically relevant info
    27:30 fbi obfuscates their dealings
    29:00 techniques to synth a whole report

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