September 22, 2023
The COINTELPRO Papers-ch 2 Communist Party-USA (audio-book)

2 thoughts on “The COINTELPRO Papers-ch 2 Communist Party-USA (audio-book)

  1. 2:00 starts with inducing communist factionalism
    4:00 palmer raids (plays into racism cause of course it does) tried expofacto bs
    8:00 random detentions and arrests and more which required judicial intervention
    11:00 proudly destroyed dissendents and radical reformers transistion to preventing rebuilding
    14:00 lol FDR the radical commie breaks freedom of association for commies
    21:00 freedom of speech
    23:45 Eisenhower expands to other minorities
    26:30 they knew
    30:00 do the framing registration and infiltration
    33:00 fbi targets political opposition
    34:30 litterally encouraging criminal responses operation hoodwink
    36:00 techniques of repression were successful. Proceeds to attack movements simply cause they pose a threat to change

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