September 29, 2023
The COINTELPRO Papers-pt 2 introduction (audio-book)

3 thoughts on “The COINTELPRO Papers-pt 2 introduction (audio-book)

  1. 1:30 sophisticated vigilante
    2:50 historical revisionism fbi runs with "its okay now"
    5:00 leading alternative facts relating to native american repression
    9:45 differences between bpp and aim
    11:00 cointelpro is uncovered and following propoganda to recover it up
    17:30 other sources autheticating aim abuse
    19:45 The fbi fucks with american indian democracy
    21:40 false prosecution and framing activists was a tactic against bpp
    25:30 fbi abducts mentally unbalanced american indian women
    29:00 racist lies about american indians
    30:00 provocateurs blackmail infiltrate and entrap activists
    38:00 fbi breaking up labor organizing and Palmer raids(which were used to imprison leftist immigrants)
    38:45 fbi has moved on to supress central american activists
    41:00 jeh went to take down black nationalist dissedents
    44:00 fbi used black people to police other black people
    47:00 cointelpro started before the name in the 50s and continued past the name being dropped in the 70s
    48:15 fbi lied about terrorism to target central america activists

  2. This is pure bullshit and when the tables turn on all of them, they will wish they did something! How EVIL! I don't have shit to do with nothing and not do I give a damn!

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