June 6, 2023
The COINTELPRO Papers-pt1 preface (audiobook)

10 thoughts on “The COINTELPRO Papers-pt1 preface (audiobook)

  1. 0:00 due process and how this violates it
    2:30 citations to minority rights group supression
    Agents of repression
    War at home
    4:30 intimidation of activists
    7:15 we need to mandate that the operatives must disclose what they have done
    8:00 only some of 16 years worth were released
    9:10 the practices are continuing
    10:30 its is illegal to snitch on political police spys.
    13:45 blackmailing Central American activists
    16:15 church committee compromised punishing cointelpro
    22:30 real world fbi operation effecting literature
    23:30 black panther propoganda
    26:30 propaganda analysis conclusions

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