September 18, 2021

23 thoughts on “The Conscious Black People MOVING TO GHANA From The Diaspora

  1. I have lived in Ghana for 10 years and have been there for the holidays twice. Unfortunately, my experience in Ghana has been very negative. The only way to receive true happiness, true peace, true joy and true success is by knowing Jesus Christ.

  2. I was just there a few weeks ago for four weeks. When I said I was going, I got lots of comments with the same misconceptions you outlined. My father and grandmother were Garveyist, so now I think it's time after two generations to make to move.

  3. Kudos to you, Korewaa. I love that you're keeping your eye on the big pic, even as you reach for the levers and pedals of everyday living in today's GH.

    Yes, social media have altered the power balance considerably, in the practice of broadcasting and info dissemination. I earnestly hope that we will be deliberate and persistent in taking advantage of what the new paradym offers and where advantageous, collaborate to promote our common interests in telling our stories about GH and Sub-Sahara.

    Naturally, quite a number of independent broadcasters on our side are publishing lopsided content in hope of generating rewarding traffic. That's OK by me for now. I'd much rather they be active players in this brave new world, than passive info consumers. I suspect that over time, social media users in different demographic groups will for the most part, become more sophisticated and deliberate in their choice of channels and settle for what work for them.

    Will be in GH in Aug '21. Hope we can find a moment to sit and talk about the exciting possibilities for collaboration between independent broadcasters in Sub-Sahara, creatives and entrepreneurs in the region and more. You may reach me thru this email address, if that suits you:


  4. This video says so much in such a short space of time. I agree with many points you make. If not all. I often tell friends and family that they do not need to rely on the Left or the Right of politics to enable them to achieve their potential. If anything they're nothing more than foot soldiers in western politics. Invest in yourself, financial strength/freedom and a conscious mindset is all you need to achieve equality and your true potential. Stop buying s*** and invest. Great channel.

  5. My 5th grade teacher taught us Egyptians were blond (good ol Virginia public schools) so glad my mother corrected me so I could correct the teacher in her next lesson🤣🙇🏽‍♀️🤣

  6. You have said nothing but total truth. Yes, slowly all of us have awakened to the fact that we have been fed lies about Africa to keep us from coming home and getting to know the best side of our family. We have had the hopeful mindset of the song “We Shall Overcome, We Shall Overcome Someday.” But now we know that’s all BS.

    The fact is that the US was never designed for black people as a whole to succeed and do well. When 50 steps are taken forward, 200 steps are always taken back due to an everlasting racist mentality that has never died.

    Time for all of us collectively to accept that mentality of non-acceptance will never change, and simply move the hell on…..put our resources to add to people and places that look like us and are welcoming of us.

    Our ancestors built that place, and why should we keep building a place that doesn’t appreciate us? *Africa here we come*

  7. It's been time to move from the US.  I just don't how to do it and who to trust.  I am a widow now. My husband and I planned to "come home" and wanted to spend the rest of our days with my our own.  I would truly like to learn what is the best way to do it as a single woman.

  8. A few years ago in the state of Texas in the United States, an African-American mother was appalled at her son's history text book claiming that Africans were immigrants coming to America which was a white washing of history. In reality, we were brought to North America as slaves against our will from Africa. The mother then went to the local news media to expose her son's school for that distortion of history. I live in New York City and even growing up, there was little discussed about African history other than slavery and Martin Luther King Jr. No mention of Malcolm X or the Black Panther Party. I had to research everything else on my own.

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