September 25, 2021

29 thoughts on “The "Consciousness Community"? What It Is, What It Is Not & Why It Is ALIVE & WELL plus more!!!

  1. U right…I had a deep dream of myself 2 nights ago…I saw my lower self in a pass world weak gullible and lost and how easy it was to be taken advantage of. I did not like where I was and woke up from it…every nerve in my body from chest down to my lower abdomen was jumping around everywhere. As though I came to my body and spark energy in it. BUT what I got out of that is…I felt like that was where I use to be and evolved from there. Other words it felt like that was still me existing as my lower self that I evolved from to a newer or other me in a different conscious plane. I said all this bcus when u was talking about the different realms of reality and our different worlds of being and how we dont die we just go to another experiment either a new one or a repeated one that gave me the answer to my experience I just had…bcus that's how it felt and that state of being of my lower SELF was familiar and I revisited it. It's like me in a past life but more like a past conscious reality. If I didnt go on a journey to find myself and truth that it's more in that past experience I probably wouldve never made it to this PARADIGM of TRICK technology or A I world to see more of our existence still Stuck in that dreamworld of my lower self that's still exist there lost and gullible which I remember that was me. My lower self is still existing in that PARADIGM I'm just in a better version of me now. Not the best it could be but a lot a better bcus it's still ppl stuck in a different past world we think is stuck on stupid or still think everything cost 5.00 from the 70s paradigm. Like biden think hes in 1930s paradigm. We are the war of the worlds existing in different reality mindset that can never be as one. Wow.

  2. I wonder what happens in cases where a person dies from diseases that cause them to be heavily sedated and they aren’t coherent enough to make their amends with their love ones upon their death? They would probably automatically reincarnate. My husband always says that he does everything he needs to do now so that when it’s his time, he won’t have regrets when it’s his time. Certain relatives think I’m weird because I discuss death with my husband and kids. The topic of death is a times an obsession to me especially after I left religion.

  3. @Bro. Sanchez
    I just realized something🤔
    If a MAN is a combination of a soul inside the body.
    When a “rapper” sales his soul, they become the body by itself… which is just the shell of a MAN.
    But instead of callin you a Shell of a Man, they call u the wRAPPER!!!

    …imagine a piece of candy 🍬 then you open it up to nothing inside😑
    Just a shell, no substance.
    That’s what a wRapper with no soul is😳

  4. Once again people everybody in the conscious community is part of the agenda yes everybody…


    How did I come to that conclusion simply ask yourself nine out of 10 of them went to jail, met a mason in jail aka ppl n a gang, then got out of jail joined a lodge.


    Then everybody in the conscious community know each other birds of a feather flock together, they probably don't all agree with each other but they are all one brotherhood.

    Becky dropper a bomb 💣💥🤯

  5. I been saying this for 3yrs watch this movie called ready player One and down size plzzzz

    Me personally why would I wanna do all of that n a computer when I can do it now n this simulation also if they want to stop diseases stop making diseases and giving it to us

    But I'm definitely not goin to be a willing participant and when I do ascend from this place hopefully I keep all my memory

  6. Africa is 47 times larger than France and has more natural resources and more people yet its nominal GDP is lower than France than recovered from WWII. This world is not controlled by humans, other entities run the show, the WASP are the chosen people.

  7. I love it how you break the information down like no other to understand. I don't care how long your streams are. I'll replay them more than once for my understanding and the knowledge. I'm going to listen and so does other folks as well. You're just the best Bro! Much love!!!

  8. You should have had this conversation with Sa Neter about this instead of Flat Earth talk I'm sure they already knew about. I smell agents making it subtle to push all the same things you're attempting to speak against. If you are this way without them on your lives, Keep that same energy when you are dealing with them. you gotta stay consistent bro. Also I thought you spoke against coloring people and now we back on black in the power? you confusing me bro

  9. They string us along with there technology not knowing we can be having our own invention giving us the control we really can bring records back I miss the mixing and scratching

  10. Two wings one bird. Dems will bring immorality,poverty and mad science. Republicans will bring religion, war via Corporate Interest, Weapons and greed.
    Both are tools your data guides,either weapon works.

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