March 29, 2023
The Debate Over Europe’s Stolen African Art | The Daily Show

36 thoughts on “The Debate Over Europe’s Stolen African Art | The Daily Show

  1. it should all be returned so that when african countries start new wars and start throwing all their toys out of the pram they can be stolen again or destroyed

  2. That's true. All museums in Europe should unite and give them all their stuff back, the sooner the better. Wrap it up, load it onto 10 to 30 container ships, drop it off at one of the ports, – I am all for it. Perhaps then there will be more living space for people. Europe doesn't need housing for African artwork, Europe needs more social housing for people with lower income ….and also for thousands of African refugees…..

  3. "Great Britain"
    "the greatest thief of history"

    They must finally give back those looted artefacts, it's ridiculous how they welcome thousands of tourists in their museum daily to proudly present the stolen African and asian artefacts. That's pure criminality!

  4. Yes I believe racism was invented by the Marquis de Racine in 1312 so that he would always have a group of people he could believe himself to be better than at chess because he simply would not ever play them. Pesky Europeans and their hateful inventions what arbitrary misery will those Caucasians of 700 years past think of next??

  5. Europe they are racist True but I'm Arab working in Switzerland for 20 years never see racism they' do they're think but they don't hurt anyone 🇨🇭♥️

  6. The descendants say they’re not responsible to pay reparations for the sins of their fathers. Those same descendants have no problem wallowing in the riches of their inheritance a direct result of said sins.

  7. Don't return any to Africa of the Mideast where they will get st𝜊len.
    "Th𝜀ft in the Middle East and North Africa is nearly as bad as in sub-Saharan Africa; often, the proceeds of the th𝜀ft go to fund terr𝜊rism".
    S𝜀𝜀 " Repatriation of Artifacts: A Recipe for Disaster " on the H𝜄story Reclaimed w𝜀bs𝜄te

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