September 21, 2021

26 thoughts on “The Debate Over Europe’s Stolen African Art | The Daily Show

  1. I don't think European countries should return all the artifacts back to African countries, instead Europe countries should pay African countries for borrowing the artifacts for their stolen museums. For example, countries like US, Japan, and many others have pandas in their zoos. However, US, Japan, and other countries must pay 1 million to China to still have pandas in their zoos or whatever the contracts states. So, getting back to the point, if European countries pay African countries a fees for having African artifacts in their museums. Then both side will benefit economically in my opinion. Also, statically speaking, about 2.9 billion people visit Europe countries and I couldn't really find how many people world wide visit African countries could but I did find about 50,000 Americans go to Africa. So, yeah, I think European should pay African countries….

  2. Germany will finally return Benin Bronzes, Plundered from Africa In The 19th Century. These Benin Bronze artifacts are on display in the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe in Hamburg Germany. German officials say they have reached an agreement with Nigeria to return a share of plundered artifacts known as Benin

    Bronzes. So, what are African Americans in America to demand that all Africa looted treasure to return to Africa where they belong? African Americans must stand with our African in the continent to demand that all plundered artifacts from Africa return to their rightful place.

    In the past decades, many western countries have said that African plundered treasures would not be safe in Africa LOL. These are some authorities that left the continent in disarray after they carved unnatural borders during the long period of Colonialism. Now thanks to the African Union we have seen mass normalcy on the continent and the rise of the African economy.

    Egypt is building the world's biggest museum to house all of its plundered artifacts. Nigeria is

    also building museums to house all its plundered Bronzed artifact from the Bernin

    Empire. BLM if you are true to your motto then you need to stand with our African brother

    to truly see that Black life and history


  3. If the last pieces of african art are only present in european museum and not in africa, doesn’t it means that european did something in terms of conservation that the african nations didn’t do?

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