September 28, 2021


  1. Excellent and thank you brother SETI. I love that spiral–spirit aspect. Also to acknowledge that nature compresses information in a spiral but in a way we can all dig. Good information and I love the way you present it. Keep it coming.

  2. It crazy how your the only one saying he truth, the rest of them so called conscious people changed up their whole message and all they follow his white peoples info

  3. Kneeling Figure with Serpents
    12th-14th century

    β€œSerpents are important symbols in the art and myth of this region: they occur in stories about the founding and safety of villages and the protection of warriors.” Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

  4. Great God damn work brother, it's U'r brother from another mother ION-MIC up here in T.O. U may not remember me, but when U came 2 Toronto 2 do a lecture I was there. I was also at the Jamaican restaurant the B4 the lecture… Both days we built on the levels. I just want U 2 know that I'm proud of U 4 maintaining and pushing through all the bullshit. I'm still up here repping 4 U supporting U from across the boarder. I will see U soon my brother, each one teach keep on keeping on.

  5. In N.Y. prisons they force people to cut their hair unless you petition about if u religious..but me I told them I ain't religious and u ain't cutting my hair ..I should them master mason Halle sallasi pic and they left me alone

  6. Grand rising brother…I have been on a rollercoaster ride for the past 2 years… coming into the Hebraic faith of being an Israelite…bit I still was not fulfilled…I knew there was more to the story..which has brought me back to the kemetic teachings of our ancestors…I salute you king..

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