October 18, 2021

22 thoughts on “The Ethiopian migrants who make the desperate journey to Saudi Arabia via Yemen

  1. New born babies born today is waiting for a change from humanity of destruction to human kind and the nature best living things called ๐ŸŒ!!think environmentally friendly activist rethinking requesting now an order for the world !!07 Worldwide the humans are now and the past are farming more trash and more cities worldwide itโ€™s time to slow it down cities worldwide start now stop opening all schools worldwide now save become more warmer world climate change now saves thousands of pumping gas burning gas air and oxygen daily everywhere every year need to save the animals insects fish lakes oceans rivers now saving our selfsouls for good save the weather snow and the rainy season every year now think 07 jesus meh with u all!07 joe d.

  2. im so humbled. We complain about missing a bus or train afraid to be late for work knowing another train or bus is coming. These people dont have that luxury. so Sad. Im so thankful for what i have

  3. Fake news that what you want are you happy when you create this? that's why Europe destabilizing Africa specially Ethiopia you guys helping Tplf Tererist group instead of Ethiopian government loved by 100 million people but Ethiopia will win like second world ware time Ethiopia defite her enemies!

  4. "We can only rely on ourselves and our luck."
    Since you have ruled God out of the picture, then you must suffer the common fate of every mortal sinner who rejects God's blood:
    Death without a hope or a Savior.

  5. โ€œDoes anyone ever
    want to leave their home?
    The fresh fruit that drops from their backyard?

    The neighbours who wiped their snot?
    Does anyone ever
    want to believe they won't come back?

  6. OMG..this wicked..How could your own country so stupid to know these young women and men would've have left their lives back home to be subjected these treatments. I wish them nothing but prosperity ๐Ÿ™

  7. Its great for a 12 years old aspiring for greatness But sad that he had to dropped out of school to find work in order to help his mother. It should be the other way. Wishing him success in life. He has good intentions

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