August 19, 2022

39 thoughts on “The European Union Pushes Africa to Support them in the Ukraine Conflict

  1. These outrageous EU liars are disgusting. They're just puppets of the criminal "elites" who want Africa to support the fascist/Nazi regime of Ukraine. Ignore them and their endless lies.

  2. I do not think so that Africans will do that. Look Ukraine promise of NATO & USA.

  3. Push not me to see things like you see.
    Push not me again and again to think like you think.
    Do not force us to look only to one side.
    Everyone has a right to say something, or to keep quite, the freedom of speech does not mean that must talk. But also keep quite.
    Countries have right to not condemn, if there is no enough reason to condemn. But they do when the right time come. And this war is only the matter of TIME. Just wait.

  4. ALL the AFRICANS WHO ARE DOING THIS prostest are not well educated on this kind of movement HAVE NO IDEA what is going on in Europe that is why they are doing this madness. SO what is the benefit of this protest for africans on the conflits BETEWEEN russia and ukraine?

  5. I support Russia and it lesson to the west about the fall of petrodollar. When has the west ever SUPPORTED AFRICA when it's the reason AFRICA is in this state.
    Let Russia deal with them for OUR COLLECTIVE suffering.

    Russia was the Only one that supported us during apartheid

  6. Silly people in Africa ,where is the global support for the support for the Biafrans struggle and the killing by the Fulani government. Ass a afro Caribbean I'm appalled of the Africans on the continent,mmmm , how can global Africa be free when you all continue to be a western puppet.its a shame

  7. Did Africans help with the wars to help there own displaced people? Africa need to stay in their lane. Why is it a war when the European are fighting against themselves?

  8. Africa has issues to overcome created by most of these EU members. Focus on Africa and stop this paternalistic, dictatorship relationship these colonials have with Africa.

  9. If they do, Which I hope not. They will open the door to invasion of there own countries. It will give the European reason to condem African nations in a worse battle than they have ever experienced. Stay out of them people's business. There will be nothing good coming from it. Please don't secumb to the pressure. It's a trap ticking 💣for our people. Smdh

  10. Sure,since Africa was so well treated by EU and Usa during her history.All those drones protesting there,with english text,are the #resist army and the fools that fall for their messages.Africa,now is a good time to brake free from colonialism,you can find powerful allies to help you.Take advantage of it and,maybe, find long lasting peace.You bleed enough for the EU/Usa profit!!

  11. You mean they want help from the Africans who always speak to almost empty halls at the UN? Same people who never see the need to attend the speeches in which they voice their concerns?

  12. This is very stupid of the EU and the USA going around begging other nations to following them the real aggressors really want support of other who have different interest something is really wrong with white people

  13. And what was the answer from Africa?
    I hope, No. Why would Africa support the West?
    Africa remember your historie, and still today the West is exploiting you.
    When they need you, they come crawling. When they do not need you, they will spit you out.

  14. If you call us from African, we will be fighting along side with the Russian .
    Russian did nothing to us, Europe need to stay out of African business .
    Europe brought a lot of way in Africa and they slave our people, and Europ always want to see us down.

  15. Thé fact that they keep pushing African states to condemn the Russian and Ukraine war, is astounding- it’s total rich. The African states have already taken their stance, I don’t see them pushing China or any other states to side with them. Africans should not be bullied and harassed . It’s not our war, and we will take a neutral standpoint. NATO must take responsibility for their actions and stop pulling African countries into this. They can go create clicks somewhere else.
    Besides it’s time for africa to focus eastward now, our interests should be aligned to the new world order and forget colonial ties, new partners and new opportunities!
    Vive L’Afrique ✊🏾

  16. Africans have their own problems too no African country should support them southern Cameroon is in a genocidal war with French Cameroon and France EU has been quiet for 5 years who should support them .Africans are wise now we do no get help from you people when France is killing our children all lives should matter to all of you EU and USA.

  17. What has the west given us as Africa; colonialism,exploitation,oppression,conflict wars,indignity,,etc,etc,.Now that they are in trouble i.t.o. losing their currency hegemony Africa is suddenly important to them – bullshit. WAKE UP AFRICA ,we in SA will never betray Russia n Cuba coz they supported our struggle thru thick and thin consistently.Since 2014 about 14000 Russians been killed in Ukraine by Ukrainians,where was UN?Zelensky must sign the Minsk agreement, finish and klaar.

  18. I think tf not. Africans as a whole better get their minds right and recognize the benefits and liabilities in this family fight. We don’t have a dog in that fight beyond how it benefits or harms Africa and Africans.

  19. European Union toys around with African Union. If the African Union allows itself to be toyed around with, let it simply cease to exist. Why can't there be African Union pushing European Union into paying slavery and colonial reparations?

  20. Best time to counter them with the African continental history of how Europe colonized, massacred, stole and ruined the continent for almost 500 years .we should be seeking reparations and permanent membership at the UN security council and other international bodies . Let's be acounter check this fools.

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