September 23, 2021

24 thoughts on “The Fall Of The Banking System And Its Effect On Africans In The Diaspora

  1. How about di few of us who know dat di #BarteringSystem will work, start a small #BarteringCommunity right deh ina #Gambia!
    I will be di first to sign- up. We all have many skills and inate-abilities on and off di continent.("We Can Make Tings Work!" #Bob🎶)

    I see #Bartering works time and time in Jamaica- amongst my father and his farmer and carpenter-friends also amongst di #Rastfarians dung a #Westmoreland.#Bartering was and is di #Afrikan way.
    "Nothing beats a failure but a trial!"

  2. Cards are better than cash. Wonder will the banks stop us from being able to obtain our funds from ATMs or will there be problems if we were to open an account in Africa and transfer our funds to our account once moving there. I love the way you delivered this straight to the point and short.

  3. Nigeria alone has 1% of the worlds oil supply.

    Congo has at least 80% of the worlds uranium supply. Uranium is what makes your phone work.

    Sudan has plenty of oil.

    South Africa has many diamonds.


  4. Yes, we definitely need to be working for ourselves it’s better that way! A lot of times I don’t even leave money in my bank for long, I just don’t trust it!❤️🙏🏽

  5. Wow give thanks AP this is great info needs to be addressed at home & abroad 💯💯as we as a people never used to world by bout money we would barter our produce from our lands 💯💯❤💛💚🖤😍

  6. Banks and Governments cannot control crypto currencies you have it totally wrong, crypto is decentralized an controlled by the individual holders

  7. With a lot of money transfer companies you cannot send more than £3000 per month without having to send payslips, bank statements etc. Difficult to know the best way forward, especially if your building and need x amount of money to do this.

  8. Some apps I use to use will no longer transfers US currency to CFA so I’m forced to use western union who changed the currency rate so low that I’m having to pay out a lot more money to build my home in Senegal . Do you know of any other ways besides Western Union to send money?

  9. That is true we need to learn how to work together in the community in order to be independent from the west 👌🏼🇬🇲☀️👌🏼

  10. We do bartering here my friend do plumbing we do building and we teach others for free. When someone need a place to live we let them live here and we put togather money and buy food cook togather and eat togather.

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