June 9, 2023
The FBI: Cointelpro & Continued Corruption

In this video we will cover current events relating to the FBI & some historical context that maps out their history of malfeasance. These topics include Biden’s Domestic Terror list, the 6th, the Gretchen Whitmer case, the internment camps for Japanese Americans during ww2, , the state, the internal battle with the NSA, and the dossier…among others.

Tonight’s video is one that is important, and we will explore some revelations (albeit known to most of us & alt media for some time) regarding the FBI and their insane, unconstitutional, and depraved practices to subvert to fit their agenda.

Now, I left out many other examples due to time constraints (the video would have been 72 minutes long if I went through each example found) but as stated we are going to look at some historical context, context that indicates their tactics have not changed over the years. These intel agencies are corrupt and they themselves have been subverted.

In light of this consistent history of criminality and misconduct, it is time for Americans to consider that having criminals fight crime is a futile effort which belies a foundation of corruption across the entire system.

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4 thoughts on “The FBI: Cointelpro & Continued Corruption

  1. The links are in the description. So, based on some of the examples used in the video, are we actually in uncharted territory right now? Despite the long history of insanity and corrupt practices…it still feels like we have witnessed an escalation recently. Let me know what you think…same old issues just a new generation or has something shifted and we are in uncharted waters?

  2. lol maybe I went a little hard in this one but I think the issues we see within these agencies can still be cleaned up. Just start at the top – I still believe that the vast majority don't want to be associated with this insanity. When things get politicized…corruption follows. The people in charge act more like politicians than they do agents…thats a problem.

  3. New video coming out in a few days – it's taking a little longer cause family is visiting but I'll get it uploaded as soon as possible. After that though I have a couple other topics that we need to get into & should have 2 or 3 videos out next week! I want to try something and release a few shorter videos & then release one longer more in depth video each week.

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