September 25, 2021

43 thoughts on “The Gambia Is Freezing Cold!

  1. The last time my mom & I went home to Jamaica (Jan 2020) there were a few days we were NOT ready! It got cold! t was only like 3 of the 21 days we were there that it was unbearable, like I had to wear my bathrobe over my clothes in the house. Fortunately I have a blanket that I carry everywhere (mostly because wearing summer clothes to get on the plane I would get cold) but that blanket saved my life. Now I will know to continue that trend once I'm headed you guys way! Thanks for the heads up, guys!

  2. It’s the same here in key west, Florida. Open your doors and let the cold air out. It probably won’t last long. We’ve had cold weather since November and it probably will last until maybe March.

  3. Don't forget that Gambia sit just below the Sahara desert where the can dip significantly depending on the time of day. That is why it is so sandy. Besides this is the Hamatan Season. This is also the season for plenty of lotion especially vaseline.

  4. Gambia is not far from Morocco which snows in Winter,so at times wind blows snow to the South from Morocco and it lowers temparatures of Sanegal and Gambia area.However the Cold winds do not reach Ghana,so therefore GHANA never gets Cold.

  5. Well family
    I brought 7 jackets to Ghana and I haven’t put one on yet. And it’s been four months. I must sleep under the air conditioning or I can’t sleep. If you need warming up come and check I and I in Ghana.

  6. Have mercy u poor darlings 😮😮u have each other so hug up & keep warm ok 💯💯well at least now I know me nah leave me quilt when me a come or my fleece socks jumpers etc 😨😨 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. I know the feeling!! when I moved from Jamaica to New York City Boy it was cold!!! Queen Jody sometime depend on if the wind is blowing then it will feel colder even though the same degree😀

  8. It's called the Harmattan season. Sometimes it can be very cold during the Harmattan season which starts late November to March. It's also a storm season during that time.

    Once a while The Gambia do have cloudy effects of cloudy sahara dusty environment from the Harmattan haze which makes it invisible to see from distance which affects road traffics and air traffic.

    Despite all a nice experience which is known as the Gambia Experience.

    Good luck and enjoy the weather..

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