The Gambia – Welcome to our beautiful home. We wanted to give everyone a tour of our home here in Africa. If you had any doubts about repatriating to the Motherland because you fear what type of homes are here… Don’t! We hope our home serves as a noble example of beauty, modern look, and a homely feel. Thanks to Shakina Chinedu for linking us withy Ousainou Jallow over at Global Properties.

Global Properties

The motherland has what you’re looking for and if she doesn’t, you can get it built. I want to also apologize for some of the poor camera work (automatic w/b and poor lighting) on my part I’ve been real busy this past week. I will get back on point very soon.

Come with an open mind and you will find something that fits you and your family. We want to give a shout out to everyone that has repatriated here in The Gambia. We love you guys.

I’m extremely proud of the way my family has managed this journey into the unknown. I thank them for their confidence in my vision. We’re a young African-American family of four ready to push deep change into our lives. We’ve been in The Gambia for close to a month now and can honestly say it is great and beyond our expectations.

We have major plans so stay tune because we’re going to keep it 💯 about everything that will go on with us on our journey to Africa.

00:05 Rodrick Intro
01:08 Family Shhh Intro
01:26 House Outside Highlights
02:05 Monica Showcasing the Home
05:55 Upstairs of the Home

Ask us anything pertaining to the matter, and we will try our best to answer.

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