September 22, 2023
The General Sara Suten Seti Respond To The Hebrew

36 thoughts on “The General Sara Suten Seti Respond To The Hebrew

  1. Seti is counting on a bunch of 14 year old boys to show up ( Seti is Counting on that Gay Pic to lure in little gay boys ) Seti is Afraid he needs to go back to

  2. I been saying this for years that Seti talks like a fool. He can't even enunciate his words properly and every sentence is filled with profanity. Profanity is the last refuge of the truly ignorant. I blame Seti's Fans for enabling him to behavior in such an unscholarly matter. 

  3. haha seti is mad funny , but he really feeling himself. it's fun to watch him and listen to him carry on like this. is he ready to bring scholarship out though? i don't know. ya'll really need to study the cat he's debating against and ask yo self that.

  4. I have a weird feeling that Seti is going to lose, but i don't believe Nasi is going to run away with it.. in a sense he has an advantage. Unless Seti has found new information he has already given out most of his Anti-Hebrew viewpoints in his lectures, which in turn has given Nasi a chance to study and possibly rebuttal…Peace & Blessings

  5. Seti love, you seem everywhere…. You look high and what does the type of clothing that you wear in 2013 mean to your spirit? Nothing.. Seti love, you have to bring more facts and less chat. You are intelligent I have seen some videos and you seem to want to come from a good place. The issue is you come off as confused and bitter. Try coming off as collective and as the intelligent man you are. 

  6. History is definitely repeating itself, the so-called negro (Hebrew) haven't changed sense Bible days. WE STILL CAN'T LEAVE EGYPT. EVEN THOUGH THE MOST HIGH DELIVERED US OUT OF EGYPT.

  7. What kind of lecture do this man give with a mouth like a backed up toilet, and the only thing that come out is crap. What he speaks about do not make since to those with eyes to see, but to the ignorant he is deep. Thats all our people look for is whats deep but have been destroyed because of lack of knowledge.

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