September 22, 2023
The God Sara Suten Seti Iz Back !

20 thoughts on “The God Sara Suten Seti Iz Back !

  1. bang on 'em general! I feel so good, cause you and pharaoh aten saved my life and you don't even know me. what powerful GODS you are. You both gave me life back. because of this gift you gave me. I return it with my undying loyalty to you both. our family (my daughter, son, and I will ALWAYS support you and your families. we love you so much. I used to work for "dem boys and em" in the military, not knowing any better, just trying to support my family being a very young single mom and was assaulted. won't go into it, but if I ever had to be in a fox hole with you ,general, or Pharaoh, or any of your families… General , sir, i know how you feel about Queens on the front line, but I would never leave that mutherfucka unless you do, if I ever found myself to happen to have to do it with you…and if you didn't for whatever reason, so the fuck be it…me either. if I did it for them, I could and would do it for you GODS. So before I start crying tears of joy, I will end of with BPC…Africans…Africanos! Love you guys to life and beyond. ❤General, Salute!❤

  2. General, you would be surprised at the number soldiers you got out here, in addition to the ones you already have. you got a whole fucking battalion, many of us raise our babies on you. you'd be surprised how many know some things about heat and/or hands…which ever…whatever…how ever you need it, sir! never forget. Salute❤

  3. also, many of us are saving your lessons to our hard drive, just incase. we know you got a strategy for that, cause you're the General. however, you got like a gazillion hardrives from coast to coast…sea to sea, backing you up, in case we gotta bring it back.

  4. NOI, Moorish Science, Xtianity…whatever…I hate to quote lily wayne, but "they easy..what the mother fuck is goon to a goblin". More like..what the mutherfuck is a goon to GOD and Goddess.We got ya, Sir! Salute

  5. Hotel General, I'm Amsa Muti Saa Shepsu, former student of Taj Tarik Bey. Taj watched me get beat down by 7 cops for following his teachings and instructions. He and Razmariah Bey stood on my steps and ate sandwiches from my house while 7 cops did the Rodney King thing to me. Taj lifted not one finger to assist me during or after the beating! My late wife, Jacqui Whittle, called him a bitch ass nigga ever since then! He is telling people to do paperwork as if that is our salvation and he hasn't even done it. Never saw him with a car with domestic immunity plates. Thank you for defeating the Moors! Whack ass Moors

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