October 19, 2021

39 thoughts on “The Great Awakening – 3D to 5D Consciousness – 432 Hz + 963 Hz – Manifest Miracles Within

  1. Wow, the positivity living in the comments about these tones reassures me of the inherent good in my species, as if blessed by God himself through all His angles to be discovered here among us.

    For me? I was lost. Confused by false and hypocritical religious teachings of various beliefs, the price we are about to pay for our century long orgy of hedonistic materialism, the train wreck own institutions have usher us to, the coming of age of Ai, and, the same old why-am-I-here question as everybody else who's ever walked on this planet has asked.

    Then my path brought me across binaural beats and solfeggio tones, hence chakras. I tell you the truth when I say that one month ago my life was miserable and disheartening, but something changed – something profound – within hours of hearing my first headphone full of this "music". BTW, "spa/massage music" ain't this stuff, not even in the same galaxy. Think Barney the Purple Dinosaur song with peeing sound effects in the corner vs. the Vienna Boys Choir.

    M'thinks Mr. Tesla (no, not Elon!) was on to something. I've found love, joy, compassion, perspective, placidity, awareness, harmonization, patience, peace within myself and a sudden relief from longstanding spiritual anxiety (and REALLY WIERD shit is happening too, all fantastic!) … all within the period of time since I began floating on these incredible (dare I say magical?) tones. Magical because the hand behind what these sounds evoke cannot be seen by human eye, but, as with the wind, one cannot deny its invisible presence.

    I perceive the coming together of only goodness and the unification of all spiritual beings praising solely the One by whom all things seen and unseen exist. All else is a mirage, a matrix, a dream, a delusion, a facade, a reality (and its consequences) of our own making and enablement. Time is only relative to how we measure it. That is why only the present matters! Let every one of your decisions reflect the wisdom of love.

    I never used to talk like this! But I'm likin' it!

  2. Please can everyone help the planet be healthy again. We are all one and we can do this. It's up to us now and we can't say sorry once it's too late. Even a small sacrifice in your life can make a huge change globally. Ride a bike to work or walk or atleast catch the bus. Have some vegan days throughout the week and turn off your lights at home when not needed. Just watched breaking the boundaries and honestly earth's future doesn't look good if we keep going on as we have been pre pandemic. The time to change is right now. 🌎🐋🌻🌱🍀💚

  3. you are the creator projecting all life as you perceive it we are all the one source. this is the only reason we experience this as a population. we are one living organism with billions of perspectives. only one such energy could create and be its creation. THE GOD of which we are all part. LOVE to all my brothers and sisters.

  4. 963 Hz… I guess there's a correlation with Nikola Tesla's magnificience of 3 6 9 which is the key to unlock the secrets of the Universe, coded in terms of Energy, Frequencies, and Vibrations…

  5. I am joshua. If there is any others who have awakened please send me the strength and courage to face what is in front of me. I am scared but i know that i face this not alone, but with every living thing behind me. I am weak alone, but strong with you standing behind me. I have somehow lost my way and i need to connect to the collective force and strength that is not just human but is life. If I fail the task in front of me, we fail. Thank you for being alive. Thank you for sharing this tiny corner of the cosmos with me. Thank you for giving me courage and love and emotion and wisdom. Please take my fears from me because you are all greater than i am, and you can defeat it for me. Now is a time to help each other, and all you have to do is find peace and happiness and then share it.

  6. To the stranger reading this , I want you to know . You got this . You didn’t come this far just to be taken out by the new world order . You are here and awake at this time for a reason and deep down you know this . You are powerful beyond any words and Devine . I Love you . I embrace you and I send you healing ! 1111

  7. Every single one of you is loved and beautiful in your own way. Remember i am proud of you and you are not alone. Lots of love , happiness and blessings to all. ❤️❤️🙏🏽

  8. 🐲✨🐲✨🐲✨
    "Before I start, I must see my end.
    Destination known, my mind's journey now begins.
    Upon my chariot, heart & soul's fate revealed,
    In Time, all points converge: hope's strength, resteeled.

    But to earn final peace at Universe's endless refrain,
    We must see all in nothingness… before we start again."

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