September 22, 2023
The Idols Of Pre Islamic Arabia The Neteru Of Ancient Kmt & The Universal Origins Of The Name Allah.
BlackNews102 And Sa Neter Studio has been recognized as one of the Leading You tube Sites for Educational and Current Events. Though, BlackNews102 began its journey by making available educational programs and educational debates concerning the history and current issues of the Black Community it has recently expanded its programming. Now BlackNews102 in addition to its educational programming covers the gambit of innovative news reporting affecting our community, elections critical to our people, sports events, celebrity news, business, science and technology news.

No other channel has the mix of experts that BlackNews102 has in its programming. We are proud to feature Phds, Professors, Doctoral Students, Politicians, Community Activists and experts in their fields. We also feature Celebrities, Entertainers and experts within that area. However, we are most proud of giving a voice to the powerless, to the up and coming leaders, to the community. We are also very proud of the Business Experts that we have on our shows that give cutting edge tips to give our community financial literacy and a pathway to economic freedom.

We believe empowerment begins with the Right Programming to its audience. Content Producers like myself have been recently censored by advertisers who do not like our critique or our programming. They withdraw their ad dollars if we comment on Racial Politics that affect our community. Many of our programs that simply critiqued the system for institutional racism have been demonetized.

We are now seeking alternative methods to produce our cutting edge content and one of those methods is to ask you to be a Patron of our Station.

We are asking for a commitment of just $5.00 a month to continue our great programming. For you this is less than ten cents a day. Of course some of you can afford $5.00 a month and more and we would certainly appreciated that.

Our initial goal is 5,000 subscribers. With this we can expand our programs and actually give back to some of our content producers who work hard for free to give you great programming because there work extends past the dollar.

BlackNews102 is not only the Leader but the Pioneer of what is called Konscious News and Entertainment and has launched a nationwide network of shows just like this.We first began our Journey with publishing on Video Tapes, then to DVD media, then to You tube and now to Live Streams. However, the technology cost us greatly and the lack of ad revenue is hurting us.

If you do not support us then unfortunately our community will be feed the same dis-empowerment content that keeps our community dis-empowered while others profit on our patronage.


19 thoughts on “The Idols Of Pre Islamic Arabia The Neteru Of Ancient Kmt & The Universal Origins Of The Name Allah.

  1. As usual Moors still stuck on Moor "nation, nation, nation building" talk, talk talk. After "talking" it over 100 years why ain't Moors unified among themselves, gathered into a little nation and bought land, moved themselves onto it by now? Answer why Moors ain't done that by now Kemetian.

  2. He's seems like a nice guy but he just put me to sleep for a couple of hours. I woke up and he's still going and ironically Ifell asleep again. He shouldn't present no longer than one hour.😒😴😪

  3. Muhammad was a false prophet don’t understand why intelligent brothers don’t see that there’s lies all through the Hadiths and quron Muhammad gave false prophecies like the world ending before some child got at a old age , the science is false like the sun setting in pool of murky water and the moon and sun prostrating to god everyday and women having sperm coming from under the rib cage, just a bunch of nonsense it’s SiFi the quron is even in Islam heaven it’s a whore house smh wake up my brothers that believe that 💩 it’s 💯 completely false.

  4. Khemet started in South Africa in the state of batwa . So we have to stop saying khemet is only Egypt . When it would be no ta meri with out ta setti /kush narmer . So we have to stop saying stuff like this when we have unas , unfr papyrus , pepi that clearly shows us in South Africa in batwa and khemt being in central africa of the ta khenty , east Africa punt . West African nok. We have to stop teaching khemet as Egypt when it’s own text shows it started and became all of africa from South Africa

  5. Kemetian Adept, General Seti, Jabari Osaze, and Shakka Amose is a killer squad if we put our in house disagreements to the side and take on some of theses johnny come lately invaders in debates. Get the caskets ready because these brothers is burying them alive.

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