September 20, 2023
THE JEW IS THE MUSLIM'S DADDY! #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

19 thoughts on “THE JEW IS THE MUSLIM'S DADDY! #GeneralSeti #SaraSutenSeti

  1. As Africans, we must question institutions that want our participation yet deny any existence of our contributions in regards to the origins of these institutions

  2. Semites don't hate each other more than both hate infidels aka INFIDELITIES and those who practice hebrewism.

    JEWS fathered both Christianity and ISLAM.

    Not sure if FARRAKHAN knows Jews and Muslims WORSHIP THE SAME ENTITY, SPIRIT, MESSIAH, just different masculine and feminine deities, progenitors, and doctrines.

    Sun is male
    Moon is female
    Earth is the child



  3. All 3 religions ☯️ recognize JESUS

    BIRTHDAY 1225=10…….πŸ€”

    JESUS was supposedly Jewish.


    you can look at this 2 ways JUDEO-CHRISTIANs πŸ‘οΈ……… regards to 369 reality and this created dreamed reality.

    8,9,10 with 3 aka Christians being the odd man ♂️ out SEMITES. 3 IS NOT 8


    JEWS know 3 AND 9 ARE 2 NUMBERS in 369 not 10.

    "The posers" of 6 in 3(6)9……as 10.πŸ€”

    Six is for Hebrew/negroe/blacks/666

    JEWS must push the propaganda that black and white is bad n worse for JUDIASM to appear best. If not and SEX is focused on. JEWS quickly becomes THE WORST.πŸ€”

  4. Prior to them Jews them Arab mfs was in the dessert just freestyling….they did not have no books about shit
    Once them Europeans got that printing press fired up they did what the fuck they wanted!!!

  5. He was "Abram" before he was Abraham. He had a servant named eliezer. Most people have no clue who this character really is. And the term Yehuda (jew) only commences with the Yehuda line so there is royal tribe lineage progeny that isn't "Jew" (which of course they dislike).

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