November 29, 2021

21 thoughts on “The Keys to Consciousness with Dr Phil Valentine United Black America Radio

  1. Ebola can be and has been cured by OZONE THERAPY. Dr Robert Rowen went over to Sierra Leone and taught the local doctors about how to use this oxidative therapy to cure Ebola in less than 48 hours. Ozone Therapy has been around for 100 years and cured many diseases including cancer and AIDS. Look it up and learn it. It can also be administered at home for cheap after you buy the necessary equipment

  2. I don't like yer spirit there bro. How you ventin all this rage on the community there broby. Deal with your own issues before you address issues with the behaviour of others as you see them from your perspective. I agree our people need more discipline, myself included. But i don't think your heavy handed critiques will get us where we need to be? not really gonna move the needle so to speak. Mainly because I don't sense the love behind it? Yes let's discuss the areas where we can improve. But that condemnation has got to go if you're going to verbally and thus spiritually lift anybody or even attract and keep anybody. Just my two cents, since you gave yours. All this before i even the Dr.

  3. 29 mins in and I should have discovered this channel long ago. Peace king to the platform ✊🏽! We need more outlets and more individuals willing to put the information out there.

  4. How can one avoid allowing $ to be #1 in our lives when it is needed to change one's environment and living circumstances? Money is needed to pay these people's salary, so we ALL have to find some way to gain finances. In poorer communities, this is the #1 focus!!! How can one even focus on their conscious, who they are, and what they learn when money is the #1 priority to prevent the backlash of homelessness, death, & violence? Someone with a solution please offer guidance….

  5. Powerful introduction brother and response to that email as well. You have my undivided attention, I have the book miseducation of the negro, I think I may just read it again it's been a while. I liked your fb page and sub to your channel. Peace….

  6. United Black America, with Africa on your logo. Sod black people from anywhere else, sod Asians and sod whites right? Voluntary segregation? Be careful what you wish for, because it may come true.
    How deliciously hypocritical and racist.

  7. 5/9/17 Tues its 2:34am First off we need to lost the black code status of black. This status was given to us in the 1800's. The longer we call ourselves the wrong status we will continue to get messed over in the streets. People get your status/nationality changed quickly.Check-out Taj Tirak Bey on Youtube…

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