September 22, 2023

the women of the is you, and you alone. your beauty and spirituality has stood the test of time, and thousands years of denial. now it’s time to learn the real why your spirit is connected to the stars. reclaim what’s yours black goddess. enjoy



  1. i just finished doing 10 years in prison,studying the ancient religion and culture of Shetaut Neter from Kemet for quite some time. Its grest to see more and more of our people embracing our true way of life and ideology. *Asarnebtawi

  2. We all been knew Egyptian ppl were black, now what?
    How can we get back what we had
    Plus why everybody always dwell on Egypt what about the other black ancient cultures in different countries and continents.

    I love Egypt I was calling myself Egyptian in school and my white teacher who had long braids trying to bite off of the Native American culture told me I would never be Egyptian.

    Mind you other black ppl use to see me and say that I look like an ancient Egyptian.
    This is why I think me need more black runner private schools so we can teach our ppl just like the Jews do. And the schools should be free because we can use the tithes from the church's and rich black ppl to fund them. The schools should be for all ages and employe our ppl

    God bless

  3. My God thus women are beautiful.I had no black women with straight hair even existed. I can just imagine seeing one of these gorgeous Queens with their amazing clothing

  4. the egyptions were ethiopians read some history!! ppl been doing some actual research a REAL one not based only pictures they checked the ancient egyptions skulls and dna i don't know something like that and they saw that its look like ethiopians and some arabs african Americans came from places like gana senegal and in the pictures they dont the beautiful features that african americans have!!!

  5. You don't provide any references to the images are presenting. What are we looking at? From when? Where? What's the context? Who are the people you are showing? Where are they from? Are we supposed to draw conclusions because they look similar?

  6. Its a shame how some of our very own cus and say they aint African, so can some of you with out seeing this video have the pride and say you are an African,know this Dark skin was African people Arabs,europeans men came in and did their shit remember that,just like in america they raped the Dark skin African woman producing mixed races, the result was the children growing up to forsake the African mothers as they grew up it was the mix breeds they would cling to and produce children,Samolia,Ethiopia,Eritrea,as well as some nomatic tribes, any way the had to have something to do with Africa,aa it was in the past so it is today.Black and Brown be proud that you are from the mightiest people,the African people.

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