October 18, 2021


  1. Chamber 45 plus degree

    β΅‰β΅£β΅β΄°β΅œβ΄» Re Zten Amittai Idren Ninu ItaI Ishai Elkhikhi Sidom

    NIMROD the ancient Nimidian ruler lead a nation of people , IRAQI , who accepted the power of the trinity and named their city Baby Lion mistakenly called Babylon . The lion represents Raqiya /Panthera Leo/ Bastet / Oubastet / Ishtar / Meri-Aset / Sekhmet / Menhit / Mut/Maat / Wadjet / Pi Ra Bast / Heqet , the women of the craft and envisioned as a fierce lioness . As the mother of the covenant , wife of Ptah , the god of architect and craftsmen the anointed of the Aten she is the woman of the craft. The mineral rock alabaster used as a craving tool and is also the base of processed plaster power. Black alabaster is a rare anhydrite form of the gypsum-based mineral found in Oklahoma , which is a ancient name that praises the mother . She is the one who holds the cornerstones together are you a Plaster stone?

    Chamber 72 plus degree

    The mystery of the Sphinx ( s ph in x ) is Ubaste ( Bastet ) ! A lioness warrior goddess of the Sun throughout most of ancient Nile valley history, but later she was changed into the cat goddess . Even later, Greeks occupying ancient Egypt toward the end of its civilization changed her into a goddess of the moon. Bastet was also depicted as the goddess of protection against contagious diseases and evil spirits. A cation (+) (/ˈkΓ¦t.aΙͺ.Ι™n/ kat-eye-Ι™n), from the Greek word κατά (katΓ‘), meaning "down",[11] is an ion with fewer electrons than protons, giving it a positive charge. In Alkhemical terms, if a neutral atom loses one or more electrons, it has a net positive charge and is known as a cation. This is Blood alkhemy and part of the mystery !

  2. That's very true General Medusa hair was symbolized as snakes men that she was from the Naga tribe and they never seen here like that in Greece or in Rome and when the men saw her here they turn to Stone meaning that they got a hard-on and did not know what to do and she kill they ass immediately she was a well-known Assassin of the Montu Arts and a skilled archeress with the bow and arrow

  3. Seti,I have to say brother,you have been stepping your game the fuck up,and I love it,it's time for you to start trying to battle these pale mutha fucks,I understand you teaching us big brother,but I will love to see you bring to these un melanated fucks!,of course on a dialogue format,cause I know for a fact if and when it becomes physical,you gone be the Lion that you are,but I would love you to battle with the silver tongue to the fake ass pale ,second nature human

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