June 8, 2023


  1. What about 'white' in law as a legal classification…..nothing to do with skin colour.. vs black African American etc as a legal classification. Bearing in mind people from Africa who come to America can also be classified as white (nothing to do with complexion)…why?

  2. It takes work and the perfection of a certain craft to be pure…….just like a pure shooter or a pure fighter. That person has to reach an expert level to be considered Pure in anyway!

  3. One of my favorite ppl I got a chance to meet him here in Atlanta and this man is a beautiful person and a beautiful soul! He truly had time and patience for everyone that he came and counter with and truly wanted to learn! It was really peaceful being around all of your people and people with the same sound mind and heart is yours. The atmosphere was great the food was oh my God I had vegetarian Ethiopian delicious! They had all types of jewelry and different unique clothes that people sold it was truly a beautiful experience! I heard him speak and open up my mind two things that been right in front of me the whole time.
    Bless you General may the ancestors continue to keep you safe!

  4. This saddens me so much because what happened between the mother carrying the albino child and the child??? Why did she carry a “cursed” baby? I’m really curious to know why the baby is cursed ?? Is it a past life curse?? I’m confused . Are our children not reflections of us, I feel I’m missing information

  5. This is very powerful King SETI and I will translate your information and share it with French speaking Africans. Our people need to wake up and it’s with knowledge and facts we can do it. May The ancestors bless you king SETI!

  6. America didn't start innovating until after slavery i.e. blacks were free & the shit we did invent just imagine how many patent they stole or got credit for a lot lot you don't hear about 90+% euro countries being prolific innovators

  7. The Chimbu who are called skeleton people are mountain dwellers of Papua New Guinea Indonesia (they look like Africans). They paint skull and bones skeletons on their skin with white mineral paint and ash when in ceremonies warding off evil.

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